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Opinions of Saturday, 9 September 2017

Columnist: Kwame Dadzie

Funny Face needs a counsellor

Funny Face apologised for his rants Funny Face apologised for his rants

I grew up in a typical ‘conservatist’ Ghanaian society where the man is not expected to cry when he is in pain.

“Barima nsu,” they say.

In fact, even with both sexes, when someone has lost a loved one, property or has gone through any unpleasant situation, and they shed tears, they are asked not to cry.

However, research shows that crying when in pain makes one more relieved of whatever emotions they are engulfed in.

So any time you feel like crying, cry!

This is exactly what Funny Face seemed to have done recently [not literally] – an act that has caused him to apologise to Ghanaians.

Funny Face recounts how his ex-wife cheated on him

About a week ago, an issue concerning Funny Face’s failed marriage which was rife in the media circles after their divorce in 2016, got re-ignited on Neat FM.

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face, told Kwasi Aboagye in an interview that his ex-wife Elizabeth Ntim, whom she married in 2014 cheated on him about 36 times.

This became topic issue in the entertainment arena and people started expressing divergent opinions about the matter.

Funny Face had said he did not take time to know his ex-wife Elizabeth Ntim; he was infatuated by the woman’s voluptuous body and decided to marry her.

The Insults

Since the issue broke, I have heard a lot of people insult Funny Face and the wife. While some are chastising Funny Face for ‘stupidly’ getting married to physical attributes and not character, others have also gone on the ‘women-are-wicked’ mantra, calling the woman names.

The ‘spoof’ story

There was a story that reported that Elizabeth, Funny Face’s ex-wife had replied Funny Face’s rants by saying he was suffering from premature ejaculation and that he could only last for 2 minutes in bed.

The story suggested that the woman sought sexual gratification from other men because of Funny Face’s supposed weak performance in bed.

Many people fell for the ‘false’ news story and as usual, started passing funny comments. Even Funny Face responded to it in jest asking people to bring their sisters to try if truly he is a 2 minutes man.

Meanwhile, Citi Showbiz’s checks show that Elizabeth had not granted interview to any media network for that story and had not made that statement.

Funny Face apologises

Later, Funny Face took to Facebook to register an apology to his fans and the public for talking about the matter the manner he did. He believed he had overreacted and need to apologise.

For a long time, Funny Face had been tight-lipped on the details of the matter even when there were rumours of the supposed cheating by her ex-wife.

So what caused him to talk this time? Maybe Kwasi Aboagye deployed his wiles in ‘cowing’ him into answering his questions.

However prudent one may have seen his apology, I believe that it does nothing to the ordinary fan. I don’t care about whether he apologised or not. What matters most was for him to apologised to himself or his ex-wife for washing their dirty linen in public.

I am sure, if the woman should also speak, there are allegations she may level against Funny Face which will blow the minds of most people insulting her.

He needs a counsellor

Not all the people we see moving around hale and hearty are happy. I believe that Funny Face may be emotionally and psychologically traumatised now.

He needs someone whose expert counselling would salve the pain in him. I don’t know if he has one already but if he doesn’t he should get a professional one. One who would understand his condition and give him better counsel – not one who will insult him and make him feel like committing suicide.


Funny Face’s issue is one of the smallest of the many marital problems a lot of people are going through.

People have problems. Problems ‘dey’!