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Opinions of Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Columnist: Buabeng & Gyimah

Fulanis must go




Gentlemen of the Press:

On Thursday, 4th February, 2016, the leadership of the Ghanaian Security Service turned their machinery to Agogo Asante Akim in response to the call and lamentation of the citizens concerning the atrocities of the Fulani herdsmen on the Agogo Stool Land. Inspector General of Police, Kudalor, chief of defense staff, national security Cordinator, Ashanti Regional Police Commander, ACP Kofi Boakye, Regional security Cordinator the Fire Chief and all who matter in the protection of the ordinary Ghanaian were in town.

These security personnel promised and assured the good citizens of Agogo that they will carry out the court order issued in 2012 and flush out the Fulani and their cattle but we, AYAS, do not trust every word they said to us. We believe that their visit was to calm our nerves and cool tempers. Notwithstanding, because the Fulani herdsmen have been briefed on the agenda of the presence of the security, they have not stopped causing mayhem in Agogo and under the watch of the security three citizens of Agogo have been shot dead and two injured. In addition to that, we believe that the security are protecting the Fulani herdsmen instead of the poor farmers because when a Fulani herdsman is arrested, within a short period of time he's relrased. Only yesterday, 15th February, 2016, some Konkoma men who are indegineous farmers in the area, were arrested for allegedly possessing guns. We understand that they were mercilessly beaten up by the security men who arrested them. How unfortunate for those who have becone victims to the Fulanis incessant atrocities will be treated in this manner.

It has come to the notice of AYAS that today, 16th February, those arrested will be sent to court for prosecution. What is the motivation behind these acts? To intimidate and scare the innocent and hardworking farmers of Agogo who cannot go to their farms for fear of being killed? Or to inform Agogoman that the Fulani herdsmen are untouchable? What or who is that power or the order from above protecting the Fulani herdsmen? Only you, IGP, Kudalor can tell us.

Even though, the security has their personnel stationed at Agogo, we, AYAS have not yet seen any serious commitment in executing the court order. This is because instead of pitching their tent in the villages where the fulanis rape our women, kill our fathers and brothers, burn our plantations and buildings, they have been housed in one of the expensive guest houses in town (Pentecost Hostel) and are fed three square meals from the most expensive restaurant in Agogo (Dollar Days Inn).

Therefore, AYAS can conclude that they have repeated their yearly rituals of coming to Agogo during the dry season to protect the Fulani herdsmen so that they may not be harmed. They are simply following the orders to flush the Fulanis out as IGP Kudalor promised. We believe that their presence and continuous stay in Agogo will be a burden onto the limited resources of the Asante Akyem North District Assembly without achieving the objective as stated by the IGP.

We recall that IGP Kudalor, in the year 2008, this same issue brought you here to Agogo as the director of operations fir the sane misdion. We could not hold you responsible and accountable for the inability of the security to carry out the court order at that time. However, with all due respect and as the supreme Boss, thus, INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE, we can now hold you responsible and accountable if your outfit fails to flush out the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle from Agogo Stool Land.

In your speech at the chief's palace, at Agogo, you pleaded with the youth of Agogo to have trust and confidence in the security to carry out the court order, thus, flushing out the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle. Therefore, AYAS is giving you the benefit of the doubt and we are entreating you not to disappoint us.

For AYAS to have a feeling that the security is really up the task, we recommend that, IGP

1.Station the security in tents around the villages where the Fulanis and their cattle are for effective security and implementation of the assignment.

2.Include all stake holders in the operations and activities towards the evacuation of the Fulani and their cattle.

3.Give us a period that your outfit intends to complete the Fulani and cattle evacuation and flushing out process.

4. There shouldn't be any selective justice in implementing the court order. Every Fulani and their cattle must leave our land. Not until the last cow is removed from the farmlands of Agogo, your task will not be accomplished

Thank you for your attention.

Emmanuel Buabeng, chairman
0243305695 Alfred Gyimah, secretary