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Opinions of Saturday, 3 October 2009

Columnist: Karikari, Isaac

From TOR to Chereponi

By Isaac Karikari (

Once upon a time I talked of TOR’s debt
And prayed the cleaning of the dirt,
Fearing an imminent death.
(I am no pessimist, just a realist)
Then, though stale,
Came news of a sale.
I began to wonder if we had to sell
Because the debts continue to swell.

School Feeding
I saw Vicky’s “From Feeding to Feuding”
And wasn’t so surprised
Of the recent issues that is one of the leading.

It’s time to cater for the caterers.
They supported the cause
So help chart their course
- Hand Go Hand Come.

M & J
Did “Mabel Johnson” seduce them?
Or it was mutual, two consenting parties.

It is a mystery to unravel
The bread eaten in secret
Just turned sour, just turned gravel

We’re anticipating the thundering of a gavel.

Bribes are no rubies
Bribes only bruise
(This is not a mere play with letters)
Take One Give One
You get a ring through your nose
And your neck in a noose.

Whether it was a lot or just a few pounds
You’ve flung yourself before the hounds
The sin of the young, small and simple is sakawa
And that of the old, big and swanky is graft.

On improving media standards, Prof. Karikari spoke.

We need constant reminders because
Days like today can be “some way”
Some lights can be dark hence yielding futile searches
And some guides misleading
Even if they claim to be crusaders
So are some enquirers prejudiced
Spinning intricate g-webs in the air
Even graphics can get distorted
And not offer much insight,
Especially when the lens is blurred.
You also wouldn’t always find joy when you go on line
And experience peace
And often you find not everything
You are given is as good as gold.
In times like that you become an unwilling spectator
With nothing good to chronicle.
Thus you may as well just look yourself up in a mirror
And sit quietly as it begins to thunder.
This makes me wonder if we really have a free press
And whether there are really any true democrats?
All this badly affects how we hear, see, feel and think,
And finally act.

‘It is a dangerous thing to be right when “the actual” government is wrong’ (Voltaire)
But that is always not the case.
Shadow governments sometimes pose a greater danger and vicious threat.

From TOR to Chereponi
Rising up in arms and doing ourselves harm.
And feuding about who does the feeding
With “Mabel Johnson” in tow
We risk getting low.

There is no pride
In checking each name in the “Hall of Shame”
And concluding that it is 4 against 1
- Four umbrellas to one elephant.
I consider it a national crisis
Another problem amidst soaring prices.

We are no doubt a nation blessed,
But things like these can make us less.