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Opinions of Friday, 2 December 2011

Columnist: NPP

Call Your Boy To Order- President Mills!!

In an era where all well-meaning Ghanaians are having sleepless nights trying to find a solution to the politics of insult, NPP-China finds it very difficult to believe when the powers that be look on unconcerned when their ‘small boy’ appointees open their mouths anyhow and attempt to drag the hard won reputations of statesmen in the mud just to score cheap political points.

After attacking the integrity of Catholic Bishops and going scot free without any bold leader in Attah Mills’ NDC calling him to order, Kwakye Ofosu is in the news again, for the very wrong reasons of course, and this time attacking Ahmadiyah Muslims in Ghana and their respected leader Maulvi Wahab Adam. This ‘small boy’ has the audacity to refer to a world renowned and revered religious leader “a hypocrite” when all Maulvi Wahab Adam did was to execute his duties as a member of the National Peace Council. In fact, Maulvi Wahab’s description of Koku’s statement as “unfortunate” was appropriate. As a member of the National Peace Council, he is mandated to speak against utterances that seek to threaten national peace.

Is the NDC, through their mouth-piece Kwakye Ofosu, now calling all Ahmadiyah Muslims and their leaders hypocrites just for pointing out how unfortunate and disappointing their government has become, especially in their utterances? In fact, NPP-China is tempted to believe that Kwakye Ofosu is only being used to convey the collective position of the NDC on issues of national peace which unfortunately is one of violence, intimidation and disregard for rule of law and we dare the President, the Vice President and the hierarchy of Attah Mills’ NDC on whose behalf this ‘small boy’ speaks to come out to prove otherwise. The silence of the President and the leadership of the NDC not only supports Kwakye’s actions but also Koku’s ‘unfortunate’ life threatening statement and NPP-China will not watch unconcerned when our national peace is being threatened with such impunity.

We therefore call on the leadership of NDC to render an apology to Maulvi Wahab Adam and to call all their ‘small boys’ to order with immediate effect.

Source: Communication Team, NPP-China.