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Opinions of Saturday, 29 May 2010

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Freedom of Speech & Expression under Attack in Ghana

- Rawlings Wonders Why?

Rawlings is said to be in a perplexed state of mind about the flagrant abuse of
human rights under the "Asomdwehene" Mills' administration. He may conclude in
private that the Atta Mills' civilian NDC government is not any different from his
previous authoritarian PNDC/NDC administrations. They bear more of similarities than
differences. Some of the security agents under the Mill's NDC government for reasons
until now unknown, are trigger happy to always side with the NDC foot-soldier's
view. This is what may be shocking to Mr. Rawlings even though he often encourages
that sort of mobbism. He cannot understand why lawlessness is sprouting into mobbism
under the very watchful eyes of a supposed "Asomdwehene".

Truly, freedom of speech and expression are under attack, I must confess. There have
not only been selective dismissals but also, prosecutions and persecutions in Ghana
since the advent of President Mills. Is he not aware of the NDC foot-soldiers'
ongoing hooliganism or he has simply switched into nonchalance sleeping mode? Or,
the acts of lawlessness as being perpetuated and orchestrated are given his
blessings? The so-called foot but actually fool soldiers have become law unto
themselves whose wish and actions dictate the reactions of President Mills. This
attitude of "Mr. Go Slow" is shameful enough to most Ghanaians same as opined by his
mentor and school teacher Togbui Avaklasu J.J. Rawlings.

My own Kumawuman kinsman, Nana Darkwah, went on air to express his views about who
could possibly have torched the Rawlingses residence. Barely had he made a statement
when he was arrested by one Kofi Adams in company of policemen, charged and detained
in Nsawam High Security Prisons. Is Nana Darkwah not on course to be vindicated as
Kofi Adams' own words cast doubt over Rawlings' credibility on the issue of how his
house came to be burnt? Is it right for the State to be dealing with him under the
stipulations of Criminal Justice Code section 208? Another NPP guy on FoxFm radio
counter-challenged a NDC guy with whom they were both panellists on a live
programme. The NDC guy had cast aspersions on Nana Akuffo Addo as having droopy
lips. The NPP guy who goes by the nickname "High Priest" counteracts by likening the
looks of President Mills to a Chimpanzee.

This NPP guy is arrested and charged with an offence under Criminal Justice Code
section 207 for insulting President Mills. How outrageous and stupid are our law
enforcement agents becoming? Who told them that under democratic dispensation one
can be charged for being insulting? What the guy said is nowhere near acts
chargeable with defamation of character or libel. Why are the bad and clueless guys
within the Security Force making President Mills always look bad by their untoward
lopsided favouritism towards the NDC course no matter how repugnant it may be? They
always jump on their feet at the crack of the finger whenever any idiot from the NDC
camp beckons to them. This is not good enough. It is not being helpful to Mr.
Squeaky Clean Asomdwehene Mills.

Rawlings is wondering how President Mills' administration could get overly infected
by his arbitrary lawlessness. Rawlings is never enthused over President Mills trying
to out-shine the Rawlings' legacies of intimidation, oppression and suppression.
Ghanaians who are not NDC activists or sympathisers are covertly and overtly being
oppressed under the Mills' administration by his notorious Young Pioneers turned
foot-soldiers. The law enforcement agents should seize making a fool of themselves
by their obviously irresponsible or reprehensible behaviour as until now manifested
in acts involving NPP and NDC persons.

Rockson Adofo