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Opinions of Saturday, 26 February 2011

Columnist: The Informer

Fred Degbey, IDEG & Co: Prez Mills Does Not Need Your Commendation!!!

Trust the group of conscienceless NPP hirelings; they have suddenly found their voices and are opening their corrupt mouths and talking “bla bla bla” like a rundown corn mill.

Suddenly, Fred Degbey, Dr. Akwetey and co, have found their lost voices and commending President Atta Mills for inviting President Kufuor to the Castle.
We agree that President Mills did a good thing and invited President Kufuor: is it the “look out” of Fred Degbey, IDEG and co?

Where have they suddenly emerged from such that they are commenting again on the airwaves?

Were they not supposed to have been on a long sabbatical leave wining and dining with the conscienceless section of the Ghanaian society?
Under normal circumstances, there should be no problem with Fred Degbey and co commending President Mills for his solid move of inviting President Kufuor to the Castle to discuss matters of national concern.
However, The Informer has taken a stance against Fred Degbey and co because of the gross hypocrisy that they recently exhibited when Akufo-Addo farted all over the place and fouled the atmosphere via his foolish and cocaine induced “All die be die” war cry.
Fred Degbey, IDEG and co, where were they when Akufo-Addo fouled the atmosphere in Koforidua, Atiwa, Trade Fair site?
Where were they when Akufo-Addo’s sex mate, Ursula “vuvuzela” Owusu kept offending the eyes of Ghana by appearing on TV with her “all die be die” T-shirt?
What was it that prevented them from commenting on the irresponsible talk from Akufo-Addo?
As for Fred Degbey, he is reported to have said that he does not understand Twi and so cannot comment on what Akufo-Addo said. Lord have mercy!
Since when did “all die be die” become a Twi phrase?
The hypocrites and parasites that they are, they were not prepared to open their mouths and speak against the irresponsible and reckless war cry of Akufo-Addo.
It has been more than a fortnight since Akufo-Addo started beating his war drums, and Fred Degbey, IDEG and co have still not found the “balls” to condemn Akufo-Addo for fouling the airwaves with his stinking fart.
Picking a leaf from Akufo-Addo’s cocaine war book, NPP MP for Assin North, egghead Kennedy Agyepong, moved the bar of foolishness and stupidity notches higher by not only using extreme foul language on the airwaves; but also threatening to kill Alhaji Bature Iddrisu.
In the wake of the threat on the life of Bature, we have heard nothing from Fred Degbey, IDEG and co.
Indeed, Fred Degbey, IDEG and co kept a stony silence after the, arrogant, whimsical, bellicose and capricious Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu insulted the President of the Republic via his abusive conduct when President Mills went to Parliament to present his State of the Nation Address.
These so-called civil society groupings see nothing wrong with Akufo-Addo, Kennedy Agyepong, and Kyei Mensah-Bonsu’s gross misconduct.
When Kwabena Adjei used an everyday idiomatic expression of “many ways of killing a cat”, these so-called civil society groups were all over the place making all kinds of statements condemning the NDC Chairman.
When it has to do with the NDC, Fred Degbey, IDEG and co are quick off their marks to run in all directions.
When it has to do with the NPP, they become deaf and dumb with some of them giving lame excuses about not understanding the Twi language.
Now, they want us to listen to them congratulating President Mills?
We want Fred Degbey and co to know that we don’t give a hoot about their take on the meeting between the current President and his predecessor.
Fred Degbey and co have lost all form of respect and their voices are no longer respected by any right-thinking Ghanaian.
They lost a great opportunity to prove to all Ghanaians that they really have the interest of Ghana at heart and they blew the chance.
When Ghanaians needed to hear their voices on a critical matter like “all die be die”, they kept quiet.
When Ghanaians wanted to hear Fred Degbey and the Christian Council commend President Mills for prophesying that “Ghana will not die”, they kept quiet because they did not want to offend Akufo-Addo and the NPP.
Because the NPP threw a lot of cocaine and kickback money at them for 8 years, they have sold their conscience to the NPP and so cannot open their mouths and speak strongly on all matters.
They chose and pick what to comment on.
Fred Degbey, Christian Council, IDEG and co, you have lost the respect of right-thinking Ghanaians so just keep your mouths shut and stay in your corner of disgrace and shame.
They say they are men of God yet they praise the devil for his evil works!
Fred Degbey, Christian Council, IDEG and co, please keep your words of commendation to yourselves; President Atta Mills and well-meaning Ghanaians have learnt to live without your choose-and-pick and hypocritical comments.
Indeed, Ghana will not DIE; Ghana will live to proclaim the good works of GOD ALMIGHTY.