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Opinions of Thursday, 14 March 2019

Columnist: Massoud Bawa

Freaky Fadi is deaf and dumb, he can't even read, Citi FM's CEO Samens resigned last year

I read with dismay a disjointed piece of write up purporting to be an article bearing the name of a foreign neophyte by name Fadi Daboussi with the title "Citi and Multimedia join NDC 'goats' husbandry".

In the said piece, he purports to label Citi FM and the Multimedia Group as allies of the biggest opposition National Democratic Party (NDC) who are bent on destroying an image he sees in Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

He further attacked the persons of Mr. Samuel Atta-Mensah (Samens) Chief Executive Officer of Citi FM who also was appointed by Nana Addo as Chief Executive Officer for the Coastal Development Authority and Nana Addo's cousin Mr. Gabby Otchere Darko who is known in Ghana to be a senior advisor to the President of the Republic.

What is Gabby's crime, the Lebanese mole (Fadi) who has planted himself in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to destroy hard working party leaders does not understand why Samens is Gabby's friend and his Citi FM does stories that exposes the odds of the Nana Addo and NPP government.

He had wished in that is nonsense he called joutnalistic piece the disjointed article that Nana Addo will disassociate with Gabby and called for a sack of Samens.

Does this foreign backing dog read? NO. Is he current? NO. He gossips but he has not any talents or patience in grabbing details of every story before he runs to go and gossip.

He has no idea that Mr. Atta Mensah has resigned as the CEO of Coastal Development Authority since September last year to concentrate on managing his media house. Samens resigned apparently because there was no activity going on at that authority and he was being paid. No he didn't think he deserved that salary from the taxpayers pocket. Reports also indicated he fell out with the sector minister Hawa Koomson about her management style

"". Wasn't it a great move? Where then lies this idiotic call by Fadi for Nana Addo to sack Samens ?. You see the mole doesn't even read nor is he current and up to date? mtcheew.

Acting in his selfish stupidity, the mole even associates the astro turf parks that are being constructed nationwide for sporting activities by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Robert Tetteh Coleman as works of the Chief Executive Officer of the Jospong Groups of Companies, Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong.

He does so simply because Mr. Coleman had worked as Communications Manager at Zoomlion before. He has since resigned for more than a year a go too at Zoomlion to concentrate on his astro turf business.

I am aware that like the vampire survives on its preys blood, this mole (Fadi) survives on the name of Jospong. I will blame no one, he either doesn't have advisors or the perception that he is used by the President as old school time pal to attack and taint the names of NPP big shorts.

If Jospong is your life wire and this is what you have chosen to do then let's go.

For your information the man Jospong is a bigger brain who does many things in the world and Ghana. He is a solution driven brain guarded by God Almighty so fickle minds like you who poses as a writer cannot do foko to him.

Citi FM and the Multimedia Group do not have such powers to decide what to report because they exist to educate, entertain and inform the listening publics (Ghanaians) not even you allien.

The media work is not like you wish whereby you want to keep every media house in your leaking pocket like your friend Nyankyi said about the President and use them for your wickedness. Not at all. They know that they serve the public and so must be balanced in their reportage not your kind of jaundice journalism ilk.

Until you write anything stupidity, shalom.

By Massoud Bawa.