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Opinions of Friday, 19 June 2020

Columnist: Raphael Odame

NPP Primaries: Our delegates must vote for the good of lower West Akim constituency

'This is the time to do it for our children' 'This is the time to do it for our children'

It is said that nothing develops without leadership, and nothing progresses without leadership. Could it be that the People of Lower West Akim Constituency have not had leaders over the years, hence our loud cry to the government on the state of affairs in terms of development and progress in our noble constituency?

Your guess is as good as mine. It is undeniable fact that Lower West Akim is doing well politically yet lagging and retarding in basic development and progress. Yes, nothing new and mind-blowing seem to be happening in our education, health, social environment and the basic socioeconomic development as a constituency and for the people of Lower West Akim.

The greater good is for us as a people and a constituency to have a good and right leader who is committed to the general welfare and development of one’s constituents who are the greater people. Politics affects everything and it is the main stem for development, however, politics do not function in a vacuum.

We need leadership in politics to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve and not their individual and parochial interest. We need leaders who make things happen for the greater people and not for themselves and their cronies alone. A leader is a dealer in hope, and Lower West Akim needs such a leader to change the game of politics and development as far as the Constituency and its constituents are concerned.

It is at this backdrop that I am humbly calling on all the delegates to look beyond themselves and interests and consider the greater good of the greater people. This is the time to do it for our children, the adolescents, the youth and elderly of the constituency. Let us do it for ourselves and for the sake of our people – ‘y3n man nti’

We have come far as a constituency, but we cannot count so much our gains in terms of youth development, promising educational opportunities for our children, adolescents and youth. We cannot count our gains in infrastructure development and social corporate responsibilities.

At this time, we cannot ask ourselves - where have our leaders gone to? We only need to kindly help ourselves by correcting our choosing problem. As a concerned youth advocate and leader, I would like to humbly crave the indulgence of our dear delegates not to look far instead look within the party and the constituency for the one who is the right candidate to lead the constituency.

Many have come and gone and are back again. Nevertheless, that should not distract our focus on the right candidate. I stand for Kwabena Asamoah as the next Parliamentary Candidate for Lower West Akim. Let us all rally massively behind Kwabena N. Asamoah and come what may vote Kwabena N. Asamoah as our parliamentary candidate to lead the New Patriotic Party in the Constituency.