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Opinions of Thursday, 14 June 2012

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

An Open Letter To All Those Who Hate My Articles

Some people think that once we are in a constitutional rule, anything that relates with the previous PNDC regime MUST BE DEAD. We have to build upon the basis that the erstwhile PNDC established in January 1982 because the NDC as a political party was born out of the 31st December revolution with Flt.J.J. Rawlings as the Chairman of the PNDC from 1982-1992.

Today, 2012, he is the Founder of the NDC and the Chairman of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party. Cadres are the foundation of the NDC and by extension, the natural land lords of the NDC – and nobody can dispute it or take that title away from the cadres at all. I write such articles in order to prevent some hawks from introducing alien policies in to the NDC in Ghana.

You see, if you lie to a child, you have abused the minds of many generations to come. Tell the children the TRUTH, it is the only way to set them FREE forever, it will be unfair on my part to be attacking the opposition NPP while worse things are happening in the NDC.

Therefore, all those who hate the articles that I have been writing since a 1984 when some of them were not even born or were not cadres of the PNDC govt. led by the then Chairman Rawlings, can either decide to ignore what I write and remain ignorant forever, or if they are still unhappy with the articles I have been writing they are free to go and burn the sea if only they can do it, because I always write to provoke debates and not to please anybody or group of persons in the NDC OR Ghana in general.

People who matter most in Ghana’s politics always read the articles I write when ever I appear in the pages of several news papers and they at times clash with me-especially members of the NPP since 1996 in the pages of the “Ghanaian Voice” if the Editor failed to stop publishing the articles and rejoinders that I wrote.

Where are the Beginners of the 31st December revolution in this country? It is a Biblical injunction that before one can remove a mote from another’s eyes, one must free one self the speck on one’s own eyes first. Let my accusers in the NDC come out boldly to challenge me or give me a break.

What is former President Rawlings talking about today 2012 in a very crucial election year? Is he not complaining bitterly that the principles and values on which the NDC was formed with him as the Founder are completely missing in the party and that, unless these value and principles are restored he will never campaign for the NDC to retain power in December 2012? Didn’t I comment on the same issues in the pages of the “Pioneer” and “Ghana web”.com since 2010 to date?infact what are some people actually talking about on the quiet? Come on. For the information of all those who hate the articles I always write , I am telling them point blank that I am NOT A MAD MAN to be writing useless or baseless articles for people to read in the various newspapers since 1984 to date.

They are all free to write rejoinders to all my articles and expose me if they feel that I have been publishing “trash” in the newspapers since 1984 and stop exposing their ignorance within the NDC as a party so, those who have ears to hear, let them hear and hear me very well. Those who feel insecure and uncomfortable in reading my articles must remove their eyes or ban the media to bring about media black out in the country then I will also stop writing the articles.
The NDC is heir to June 4, and it is enshrined in the party constitution. 31st December is termed as the Revolution day which is also enshrined in the party constitution. How then can some people including some so-called cadres describe themselves as NDC members and yet does not want to associate themselves with the principles of June 4 and the 31st December revolution out of which the NDC was born?

Without apology to anybody, these two PAINFUL AND EXTIREME SACRIFICIAL DATES can never be ERASED from Ghana’s political history for they have come to stay forever. The PNDC has never been ashamed of washing its dirty linen and drying it in public that was why it survived. Indeed, which true NDC member would like to see President Mills lose the 2012 election in 2012? It is only those who wants to Amass Wealth and kill the NDC as a party and they are abundant in the various party constituencies nation wide who engage in self – destruction, vilification of hardworking cadres and party supporters, turning the gun against each other, alienating the party branch executives, and numerous negative actions that can cost the NDC in 2012 as clearly captured in the letter written to the President by the National Chairman of the NDC dated Jan, 10th 2012.

When you use the internal mechanism in resolving party issues in the party – nothing happens since 2009 to date, so what are some people really talking about? I will never to sit down and allow any person or group of people to destroy me in order to protect them selves. I can predict that an Arab like Spring would one day erupt within the NDC whereby some destructive infiltrators and moles would be exposed and they run for cover only to find nowhere to hide – just like the way Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and tried in vain to hide themselves away from God after being deceived by Snake to eat the Biblical forbidden fruit.
In my opinion, it is far better to chop off the twig on the tree than to retain the decaying leaves on the genuine NDC tree. The current moves to reconcile former president Rawlings and President Mills by the Regional Ministers shows that I have been vindicated.

Coming Up Soon.

A group of some so-called cadres who vanished into thin air since the NDC lost power in 2000 and never took any active part in the re-organization of the party as well as working to bring the party to power in 2009 in the Obuasi Constituency were organized by this writer and we met regularly since the party came to power in 2009.

However, through mischief, envy as well as reasons best known to themselves, I had the shock of my life when they wrote a very damaging letter about me to the President of the Republic and copied to the National, Regional and Constituency Secretariats of the NDC dated 3rd Feb, 2012 and lied through their teeth that I am very destructive because I write “false articles: about individuals and “groups” I have since replied those casual cadres who are 21 in number and also addressed same to the President, and all hell broke loose when they received their copy. It is only when a frog dies that people see its full length.

They would surely become the first destructive infiltrators to run for cover when the truth is finally established in the Obuasi Constituency and the sitting President will then see whether they are rather the destructive liars or this writer since I have warned them to retract that false letter written about me or have themselves to blame when I go public. Coming events cast their shadows.
This article is dedicated to all those risked and sacrificed their precious lives in the early years of the 31st December revolution honestly believing that Ghana would be a BETTER AND SAFE PLACE WITH EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL GHANAIANS as well as the UNKONWN HEROES WHO died in the early days of the revolutionary process, due to problems of underdevelopment. Therefore, if you DON’T HELP TO BUILD, DON’T DESTROY. IS THAT CLEAR? THOSE SELF SEEKERS who can not see anything beyond their stomachs and can equally not identify a political disaster when they see one MUST NOT JOKE WITH ME AT ALL. After all, who Born Dog? Is anybody listening? I am done. Aluta Continua! From Obuasi, this has been Clement Sangaparee giving the moles in the NDC, perpetual heart beats.