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Opinions of Thursday, 21 May 2020

Columnist: Paton Elikem Kofi Anyah

Foster public appreciation of the efforts of the National Peace Council, Ghana

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I have often tried to reflect on the emergence of the beautiful nation, Ghana, my country, and the various stages that has characterized its evolution through the years, taking keen interest in the study of the turn-outs on its leadership and governance systems through its existence.

One would realize from any credible historical data that the early years of the birth and independence of the dear nation has seen events which recurrently interrupted its leadership and governance systems, destabilized and stampeded its economic and development processes, and plunged the State into many dimensions of confusion which greatly hindered strands of flow into the high progressive tendencies that it possessed as a fresh nation, being the first in Africa to attain this independence.

These interruptive events peaked the overthrow of the initial and successive governments mostly by coups d’etat; and this was possible as a result of the absence of mechanisms to address issues raised by disgruntled groups. These groups then considered the inability of government to attend to, and resolve their concerns as negligence on the part of leadership.

They therefore facilitated the overthrow of these governments by mobilizing the masses against them, mostly by excessive propaganda and incitements which culminated into the eventual oust of these governments by coup, resulting in lots of damages on the nation’s progression.

It is in the wake of the extent to which misunderstandings and conflict situations, which is almost becoming a tradition in some vital parts of the country, affect national development and stability, that it became necessary to set in place infrastructures whose work is to provide an architecture that institutes mechanisms to address pressing issues bothering on the nation’s peace and stability. It is in this interest that several attempts and efforts by relevant bodies developed into the National Peace Council.

The National Peace Council is therefore not an institution that should be taken lightly at all. It is a very delicate independent public service intelligence organization that is made up of highly accomplished integrous personalities whose task is to implore all necessary mechanisms to protect national peace and ensure stability that will enable the nation to apprehend its potentials in the world economy so as to leverage to form a vital part of it.

It will be in the best interest of the Ghanaian society to protect the credibility of the Council by discouraging political propagandist rumour mongers against the Council, who only aim to misinform and make manipulative appeals to the masses, which undermine the sound well-meaning judgments of the council, in order to build undue electoral advantage over their political opponents.

They often seek to avert the parochial anticipation that the Council’s assessment of issues in respect to its task may not yield to their favour.

The media must be constantly engaged with the office of the National Peace Council to make broadcasts of updates of the involving crucial works of the organization in their appropriate contexts as intends by the Council, and thence foster public appreciation of its work in the interest of the nation.

The NPC is a very serious and sensitive component of our cherished democracy and it cannot at all be toiled with. People should not be allowed to unnecessarily badmouth and discredit the vital work that it painstakingly does.

Ghana has come to be acclaimed as the most peaceful and stabilized nation in the West African sub-region. It is high time the citizenry accord the necessary respect to the council for its contribution to the current status and development of the nation.

The populace seem not to be able to appreciate how much effort goes into the work of the national peace council.

Politicians should go ahead with their political games but should exempt the NPC and allow it to do its work of referencing and screening of the politicking underway in order to blow the whistle where needed.

They (politicians) should desist from again, unnecessary and dangerous acts of attacks on the credibility of the NPC, Ghana, the premier peace architecture in Africa.