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Sports Features of Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Source: Samoa Mensa

Football cannot suffer, the bad official must

The football fraternity encompassing its commentary, journalism, playing and field action, cheering is a full package on its own that affects many lives.

This football, is the source of livelihood of the families of each of the stakeholders involved especially the playing body and the business people who invest huge sums of money into football.

In the heat of these football controversies in our beloved country, Ghana, personally, I think grabbing 'everything football' by the neck and squeezing it to death is not the best solution. This would be just like dissolving the Ghana Education Service when only a handful of their officers have faulted and ought to be punished.

Similarly, dissolving the dissolving the Football Association would exactly be like dissolving the Ghana Health Service, Ghana Medical Association, banning the practice of medicine and delivery of their services when some of the officials have faulted.

The Ghana Football Association's own may be a bit skewed from this comparism because their own involve many people whose absence seemingly may affect the game.

However, if about eighty percent of the stakeholders in the game are banned and sanctioned accordingly, the remaining twenty percent would have a good example to be guided with when they are also allowed to govern our football.

New Referees can be trained, new Executives can be elected.

Mr. President, please let us allow football to be: it is the source of livelihood for many families and the investment of others.

The bad officials must face the deserving sanctions according to the laws of Ghana: and let us allow our sweet game of football to be.

This is from the Wisdom's pot. A word to the wise is ... God bless Ghana.

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