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Opinions of Friday, 18 July 2014

Columnist: Shef-deen, Mohammed

Jirapa under siege.

Having been born and bred in Jirapa, never have my beautiful and legion city been soo repugnant a place to live in.
Thieves and thugs have completely taken over the town. They steal and rob with such bravery and confidence that it appears that it is now brute force rather than smartness employed in their operations.
The recent case which has prompted this article is the episode where a gang of indigenous Jirapa criminals went on a robbing spree on the dawn of 15th of August, 2014. At one location, they went to steal turkeys. While the operation was in progress, an occupant of the house (a woman) who was inside the house appeared in the balcony amidst shouting and wailing for help.
The criminals rebuked her to keep quite else they break the metal barricades of the balcony and finish her up. She threatened calling the district commander of police, to which the criminals retorted that she could call the IGP directly for they care less about that.
They threw salvos of insults on her and dared her to come out and meet them if she was a real woman worth her salt.
The helpless woman looked on in despair while they took EIGHT (8) of her fully grown turkeys away.
Jirapa is indeed under siege!!!!! It is an open secret that the police in the town are in league and in bed with the criminals. It is even spoken on the streets of Jirapa that for every robbery, the police have a percentage share!!! What a disgusting shame!
The irony of the whole thing is that we have a toothless and loose talker of a former Inspector General of Police as the PARAMOUNT CHIEF. Yes, you can imagine. An IGP in presiding and ruling over a town literally controlled by thieves and criminals……..
Just under two weeks ago, my uncle’s Sukida motor bike was stolen, and guess what? Some people saw the thieve(s) carrying the bike away in the early hours of the morning but would not testify openly for fear of victimisation.
If the authorities of Jirapa and all well meaning Jirbaal3 were playing the ostrich, then they need to wake up from their slumber, because it is now too embarrassing.

The honourable DCE, Madam Vivian Konko and her team of honourable assembly men must wake up, for the people are living in fear.

As far I am concerned, I could be targeted tomorrow either for theft or even murder. But I do not care because I have chosen to do this sacred duty of mind in this HOLY Month of Ramadan so that ALLAH Sumawatallah would count it among my good deeds and consider me for Ja’ana on the day of CHIA’AMA.

By Mohammed Shef-deen.