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Opinions of Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

Fooling the fooled soldiers

They said he “will never be president”, and they repeated this mantra with all the vehemence and consistency, to the point where their party foot-soldiers believed. Those who trumpeted this on roof-tops did so with so much vigorosity that, though deep down in their hearts, they knew they were being playing God and therefore being extremely foolish, they, at a point in time, began to believe it themselves. Suffering Ghanaians, who were seriously yearning for cogent policy alternatives from the ruling government in respect of reprieve from their state of socioeconomic hopelessness which ironically had been inflicted on them by the very government, were rather fed with heaving doses of verbal flatulence.

Vilification agenda

In weeks leading to the 2016 elections, assigns of the ruling ndc government held series of press-conferences during which the main opposition leader and flagbearer of the NPP,was the target of merciless insults. Juvenile-delinquent braggarts who, at the inception of the second coming of ndc in the year 2008,had never led a life of independence in any field of human-endeavour,were the ones at the fore-front of such acts of mindless verbal vituperations against the person of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Every reckless step taken by the ex-president Mahama, was defended with obscene vociferocity, while genuine concerns expressed by the masses were met with acerbic responses by juvenile-delinquent appointees who had fed so fat on the backs of the very suffering Ghanaian taxpayers. In addition to such display of reckless disregard for the people’s sensitivities, were the activities of lawless attacking-dogs on their numerous media outlets.

Openly, Harry Zakour, a foreigner who has enjoyed the amazing warmth and legendary hospitality of Ghanaians, over many decades, made a declaration of war against perceived enemies of ndc government. Without a shred of shame, he openly said “I set up Montie-Fm to provide commensurate response, by way of pure insults, to those who dare raise a finger against the ndc government”. And to prosecute such malicious agenda, he recruited a bunch of characters with absolutely no credibility to protect, to champion the cause. The sole task of those nonentities was to denigrate the hard-won reputation of Nana Addo.
Persistently, Nana Addo was mercilessly shredded, and all sorts of totally ridiculous accusations were levelled against his person. And as someone close to Nana Addo, I persistently received phone calls and prompts on other social media channels, as to why the party [NPP] was sitting aloof for his image to be so denigrated on Montie-FM. As a matter of fact, the calls often became so persistent that, I was forced to turn-off my phones when those riff-raffs were on air. In the end, those mindless character assassins broke the bounds of public decency and responsibility that goes with press freedom, by threatening to kill Supreme Court Judges.
Clearly, that was a breaking-point of boundaries of rule of law, and they were charged, prosecuted and jailed, accordingly. But under the cloak of a façade of a petition cleverly orchestrated by the ex-president Mahama,those irresponsible trio [montie-3],were prematurely released from the claws of the law, and given the carte-blanche to, once again, cocoon themselves in the studios of Montie-FM to continue with their gaping acts of utter irresponsibility.

Putrid verbal flatulence

Frontline communicators of ndc, instead of trumpeting their so-called unprecedented achievements, rather engaged in persistent putrid verbal flatulence. Edward Omane-Boamah, Koku Anyidoho, Solomon Nkansah, Kofi Adams and Fred Agbenyo, communication minister, deputy general secretary, national communication officer, national organizer, and a deputy communication officer, respectively, always spoke on air, as if they were not brought up in homes. Their public pronouncements in matters of great interest to socioeconomic survival of ordinary Ghanaians, always bordered on precipice of utter indecency and sometimes outside the boundaries of sanity.

Asiedu-Nketia, the party’s General Secretary, became a symbol of cheap talk. He never was focused on matters of the day, but was so consumed by frivolous effusions which were motivated purely by utter disdain for the main opposition NPP. Nana Addo was always drawn into his pronouncements and deliberately ridiculed. His words were always heavily-laden with unrefined aspersions targeted at the person of Nana Addo.
Presidential indecency
Then President John Mahama, himself, threw caution to the wind and deliberately forgot the name of Nana Addo; and rather referred to him as “OPANA”. Someone who had led the country for close to 8years had absolutely no message for Ghanaians on his campaign tours. His main campaign arsenal was describing Nana Addo in all kinds of uncomplimentary ways and engaging in totally unproductive Usain Bolt theatricals. And while Nana Addo danced to the tune of vintage gospel tune of the century, “ASEM PAPA BI A, MATSE”, John Mahama was dancing to Shatta Wale’s “CHOP KISS”.

Failed rigging-plan

In the face of all the facts and figures clearly pointing to their obvious total electoral annihilation, these ndc people were convinced victory was already in the bag. And with my little experience in the politics of ndc and prosecution of ‘kuluulu’ electoral agenda, I knew the party had, as usual, put in place a well-designed scheme to,characteristically,engage in their massive electoral fraud.
I had the privilege to accompany Nana Addo on the campaign trail, and wherever we went, the people told us one thing: “WE SHALL MASSIVELY VOTE FOR NPP AND WE DON’T WANT YOU TO COME AND TELL US THAT WE HAVE BEEN CHEATED”. In effect, the good people of Ghana are very much aware of the fact that, indeed, ndc never wins elections fairly.
Bread and butter issues
John Mahama always quoted Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah that "if I knew milk was what Ghanaians needed, I would have made it a tap water for them"; just to demonstrate how bread-and-butter issues are of much essence to ordinary Ghanaians.
But inspite of his excessive quoting of this saying by the great Osagyefo, he turned round to put all his hopes in Circle and Kasoa interchanges, Ridge hospital, Community Day SHS blocks and nonexistent chip compounds.
And when the people complained of high electricity bills, unemployment, hunger and generalized socioeconomic hopelessness, you boasted of unprecedented infrastructural revolution captured in a green-book.

Now, after your 'yentie obiaaa' and 'dead-goat' belligerence have resulted in the most devastating electoral annihilation in our democratic history, and thrown you into wilderness of opposition, you have turned round to constitute a committee to tell you why you lost so badly.

Fooling the fooled soldiers
During a press-conference at their party’s $20m asylum-down headquarters, to throw dust into the eyes of the public and hide their shame arising from their spectacular electoral annihilation, some angry “FOOLED” soldiers of their party actually stormed the premises and attempted to physically pummel Fred Agbenyo, for pocketing billions of campaign funds.
Again, a meeting of ndc constituency executives in the Lower-Manya-Krobo constituency, was ambushed by a legion of extremely angry “FOOLED” soldiers who launched a surprise deadly attack which resulted in many of these party executives losing teeth, eye-balls, lips, noses, fingers and toes, while others were beaten to the point of total unconsciousness and actually had to be revived at the local polyclinic.
Now, I was so busy, the whole of Monday, 16th January, 2017 and therefore did not have the luxury of time to either listen to radio or watch TV. I woke up this dawn, as usual, to scan the media space, and lo and behold, chanced upon a press-conference held by ndc hierarchy which I will fittingly describe as SHAMELESS DISPLAY OF REPUGNANT SCANDALOUS THEATRICALS BY A BUNCH OF OLD-INSIPID-CLOWNS WHO ARE TOTALLY CONSUMED BY IDIOPATHIC BELLIGERENCE.
My observation

From their posture and utterances, it is pretty evident that these ndc officials have embarked on this spectacle of objectionable diatribes for two main reasons:
1. Deliberate nonsensicals in order to save their skins from lynching by their angry “FOOLED” soldiers

2. Just to make themselves relevant in the media space for the purpose of opposing, just for opposing sake.

My conclusion

1. This will not allow ndc to do detailed post-vanquished analysis to ascertain what they must do in order to restructure their party in readiness for election-2020.

2. The prospects of ndc being in opposition for not less than 2decades [20years] is very real, with such attitude.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei