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Opinions of Saturday, 23 March 2019

Columnist: Akyena Brantuo

Food for your soul: The most important activity in the world - the first step

Benjamin Akyena Brantuo Benjamin Akyena Brantuo

The Lantern

Though the lantern is limited light, it sees nonetheless.

Nothing is too small if its purpose is known. Carefully holding on to it, one's purpose is served and achieved.

It always the purpose, instead of size.

While we seek to be relevant and useful, we must think purpose instead of size.

What is my relevance in my small state? Then you can think of how can I become big?

If you grow without a purpose, accumulate without focus and gather strength without use, nothing is more wasteful and destructive.

When we are without significance, especially after we have matured or grown large, our weakness is equally enlarged and visible.

So it is not about growing big but growing significant, then we serve a purpose even when small.

Most of our challenges as a business or family even perhaps as individuals is what we add to the equation or bring on board.

People want families, businesses and nations to grow and develop without any identifiable usefulness of the individual units.

We must see purpose when we seek growth in these and seek usefulness when we seek growth.

Growth is not the size but increases in relevance and usefulness, nothing more is useful, except useful increase.

Seeking favors

Seeking favor means owing one. You are never sure when it will be required of you to pay back.

Most people have corrupted themselves in their quest to service favors they owe.

We should never be in a hurry to ask help of others. It should be rare. When you hardly ask of others, they will hardly ask of you too.

It makes you stand above reproach, you cannot be trapped. You don't require what someone can use to tempt you. It means you are above seduction.

It means you own your life. Those who owe, owe themselves to those they owe. They also owe what they owe too.

The first step

The step that hangs in the dark. It leads nowhere you can see. Just enough to step and move but where it leads none know.

Life requires just a step, a step into the future, a step into marriage, a step of kindness, a step into excellence. Just that first step. The rest follows by itself. You may not know what that step of kindness portends but just a step.