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Focus on your strengths first.
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Opinions of Saturday, 27 July 2013

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Focus on your strengths first.

Each and every human being has got its strength and weakness,Focus on your strengths
first. The idea here is to focus on sharpening skills that already exist before you
go seeking for what is out there. Each one of you has significant and positive
qualities. I always point out the one quality in smart thieves, it's that the part
of them being smart. God can use that same man with the same skills he used to
succeed in stealing from others to win more people in his kingdom (Dancan Williams
on my mind).
That's the same attitude I have when I look at my senior politicians, all I see is
“wow, these my senior colleagues can preach the Gospel with no shame!” Seriously if
you come to think of how some of my senior politicians can preach lies on a
political rally to thousands of people on national TV and radio stations, what more
the truth, the word of God. Anyway,I hope you get the point.
The likes of Jerry Rawlings are naturally influential people,whenever they talk in a
group, people tend to listen to them. That is what I am talking about. Some of you
are good at writing, some speaking/presenting; some are good at analyzing and
evaluating situations, some good at organizing people/events. etc
Do not waste away that strong attribute in you,and most times people waste it by
being idle or busy chasing and envying other people strengths. I believe we have to
work on growing our own strengths. Have you done your study to know the difference
between president John Mahama and the man of the npp,I mean Nana Addo?. Listen, John
Mahama was well-built, more appealing in the eyes of the people, tall and muscular,
and even his speech was attractive and eloquent, unlike Nana Addo,
He was shorter and not as good as John Mahama in his speech if you know what I mean.
Yes, the same Nana Addo is among the finest lawyer in the country, you
see, Nana Addo knew his strength, and that was in the law court. Look at
your strong attributes; appreciate what you are already good at, develop it. Its
reminds me of my closed friend when we were growing up in our secondary school days
he used to stammer so bad to the point that he was ashamed of himself and couldn't
speaking in public, because friends from school always laughed when he started
speaking, now God gave him a gift of writing, and he is using the same
voice now in different places to inspire people and hold seminars.
But now nobody laughs, instead they are inspired and motivated. What if he had
chosen to remain shy and silent? Hey, What are you good at, what is it that you
have? It doesn't matter how small it looks, but God can use it. At times the devil
will surround your gift/ability with thorns/hardships, refuse to give in, do not
surrender, that's where your strength will be exercised; Challenges will even
develop your strengths further.
I don't believe in people with pride, but I can provide the kind of understanding
that makes people look to their inner strengths and find their own sense of pride.
Try to bring out the gift of inherent in you. Brother,think on that thing you are
good at, God wants to use it.


Ibrahim Hardi 0208235615

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