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Opinions of Saturday, 6 October 2018

Columnist: Daily Guide Network

Fix the non-functioning traffic lights

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So many traffic lights are not working in Accra and it is worrying. That says a lot about the seriousness or otherwise of persons put in charge of state departments. They could, for want of better description, be regarded as irresponsible.

Imagine turning up at a traffic light in a very busy section of the nation's capital only to be greeted with a non-functioning traffic light or one with the lights all showing a permanent amber and a hawker holding a tree branch to direct the vehicles. In some instances, these hawkers who have no training in traffic control would not be available; the jungle which such locations become is not a good spectacle.

Such scenes are common in Accra even when dumsor has been relegated to the chapters of our history. There are many other places which require traffic lights but in the face of non functioning ones, asking for the erection of new ones would be asking for the impossible. The foregone notwithstanding, we wish to call on the authorities to provide traffic lights at the Abossey Okai Roundabout because the place gets crazy at certain times of the day. Although some traffic cops are deployed to the place, they do not stay there all day long. Until traffic lights are erected there, let the MTTD chief ensure that traffic cops are on duty for most parts of the day there.

It is a fact that the relevant agencies are not on top of their assignments. Whichever agency is responsible, they must have a way of monitoring the state of the city's traffic lights and indeed roads. Sometimes we wonder whether those in charge have a way of finding out whether their attention is needed somewhere. We are quick though to report about accidents ignoring the inactions of government departments, which led to such mishaps in the first place.

There is no tangible excuse for such developments. It is sheer irresponsibility on the part of those responsible and they must be named and shamed for both the inconveniences suffered by motorists and the accidents which often occur.

It is time we began taking on public officials who sleep on their jobs. We must not direct the spotlight only on those who steal from the public kitty. Those whose irresponsibility lead to loss of time and accidents, including sometimes death, must be dealt with.

If we are growing as a nation, such symptoms of poor management should not have a place in our public space. So many years after independence, we should not be witnessing such shortcomings in our public life.

Coupled with the foregone is the presence of very dangerous potholes in some parts of the city including the Tema Motorway. If those responsible for maintenance are sleeping on their jobs, we wish to tell them that they do not deserve their monthly emoluments because they are not working to the satisfaction of the good people of this country who pay the taxes from which their remunerations are paid. Let them be fair to Ghanaians by ensuring that everything is in order.

Filling these potholes with bitumen is not beyond these departments; come on folks!

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