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Opinions of Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Columnist: Freddy King Dodou

Finally, a voters register for only true Ghanaians

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Political parties have had to battle it out on issues centered on nationality anytime the issue of a new voter register cropped up in Ghana.

This unfortunate incident could have been averted if not for the parochial interest and irresponsible behaviour of those who thought were being politically smart not knowing they were rather depriving the indigenes of this nation to benefit from their choice.

Let me make it brief for you;


When you go to Togo, their recognised national languages are Ewe and Kabieye. The ordinary Togolese on the street speak the same Ewe language our brothers/sisters in the volta region speak, but it does not in any way make them Ghanaians. They still remain Togolese. The NDC, years ago, identified that similarity and saw it as the biggest opportunity to capitalise on which has resulted in many of the French Togolese pretending to be British Togolese (those who decided to join the Gold Coast, who we refer as Voltarians) to register as Ghanaians and vote, knowing very well it was an illegal act.

This has been the norm for years, which many have complained about with no positive solution. The truth of the matter is, when you go to the Volta region today, it is not everyone who speaks Ewe who can be classified or considered as a Ghanaian to be on our voter's register.

The porous nature of our borders with so many illegal entry points has paved way for many infiltrations. The fact that you speak the Ewe language alone can't be a guarantee since that language is spoken in Togo and Southeastern Ghana by approximately 4.5 million people as a first language.

What makes you a Ghanaian is clearly stipulated in our constitution, not by virtue of you speaking the same language with some of our people to deceive us. We have been too soft and lenient for years, this can't happen in Togo, Côte d'Ivoire or Burkina Faso.


The same scenario presents itself in the Western part of Ghana too as we speak. When you go to Cote d'Ivoire today, the Baoulés, Agnis, Attié and Apollo all understand and speak our Twi, Nzema and Fante languages. A lot of those people were brought in to register in towns like Elubo, Jomoro, Sampa, Ellembele this same NDC.


Same tactics over the years has been applied in the Northern part of Ghana were most of those brought on board were Burkinabes, Malians, people from Niger etc..because of the Hausa they could speak including some of the local languages in the 3 northern regions.


One will ask, why bringing all these people from outside Ghana to be on our register and influence our decision making as a country all these years? The answer is very simple and straight forward; the NDC knows very well how the majority of Ghanaians have never liked them and their leadership style just because of how Rawlings came to power and the chaos, brutalities, and murders that surrounded his reign, hence looking for this diabolic alternative beyond our borders became the solution for them. They have planned and have been doing this since 1992 (don't forget about the Stolen Verdict).

Their cup is now full, courtesy the advent of Coronavirus which has made almost every country close their borders with strong security checks to prevent potential carriers from entering Ghana. Because they want to bring those people again on the register with the Supreme court ruling for a new register. Those soldiers have been there since our borders got closed 3 months ago, why the noise now?

If you hear them ranting today and making all these ugly noises then your guess is as good as mine.

Ghana is now free and ready to decide properly. The true Ghanaians will finally make their decision known this year.

Freddy King Dodou

Ghana Borders Citizen Vigilante