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Opinions of Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Columnist: Acquah, Henry

Filthy NPP Presiding Over Filthy Country

Are you surprised Ghana is now officially the 2nd filthiest country in the region according to the World Health Organisation?

Do Not Be!

Filth Begets Filth!

A filthy government can only beget a filthy country!

The filth that engulfs our cities and towns today is a perfect reflection of the filth that has taken hold of the leadership of this nation over the last eight years.

The ancient adage, As above so below, accurately reflects this state of affairs.

Every segment of our national life has been topsy turvy since the NPP government assumed the reins of power.

Crime and armed robbery have reached heights that are totally undreamt of.

A common registration exercise, that in the past used to pass off smoothly, is now turned completely shambolic. Watching the goings on at our registration centres is like watching a Hollywood thriller.

While all the woes at our centres are on, the leader of the ruling clique, president Kufuor, is flying about like an Arabian prince from one end of the globe to the other. As we read this he is somewhere in China watching Olympics games. He just does not care!

The nation has sunk so low that in many parts of the world, the name Ghana is now synonymous with cocaine trafficking. Why not, if the ruling clique has through actions and inactions created a situation that has encouraged the trafficking of narcotic drugs.

As for the corruption, looting and the plunder of our resources, the least said about it the better. They have sold virtually all the prime lands to themselves. Even lands that from Nkrumah¢s time were allocated to the Police and security agencies are next in line to be sold. While others are selling limited holdings of strategic national assets, the NPP is busy selling assets like GT.

And anyone who thinks there is nothing in it for the corrupt greedy clique must be living in Kukusland. Ask NPP former National chairman and he will tell you that these greedy lots don¢t do things unless their private pockets will benefit.

While suffering and hardships are widespread, the president, his cronies in the ruling party, their collaborators in the media etc, are blowing precious resources of the nation decorating themselves with awards amidst dancing kangaroo dances.

Kangaroo Dance Is Celebration of NPPs Golden Age of Kangaroo Justice

Even common justice has now been thrown to the dogs. Kangaroo justice has now officially replaced true justice in the land. The man, Nana Akufo Addo who opened the floodgates to this kangaroo justice system by dishonourably pushing for the packing of the Supreme Court to overturn an earlier decision of the Supreme Court, ironically is today leading the kangaroo dance, as if to celebrate the golden age of Kangaroo justice!

Ghanais filthy. Ghana stinks! But the physical filth and stench is nowhere near the moral filth presiding over the fate of Ghana . Let us make Ghana clean again, by getting the filth generating NPP gang out of power.