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Opinions of Saturday, 21 January 2023

Columnist: Albert Osei

Filling fees,the headache of minority MPs

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Ghana the Black star of Africa over the years has been one of the west African countries going through economic turmoils.Ghana has enough resources to become an eldorado but bad leadership has stagnated the country

According to reports by the Ghana Statistical Service survey for 2022, Inflation was hovering around 50.3%.Ghanaians were subjected to intense hardship as a result of persistent increase in prices of food commodities and more.

As we speak, inflation in January 2023 is recorded to be 54.1% as a snowball effect of the marginal rise of the dollar against the cedis. The cedi continues to perform abysmally.

More salt was rubbed in the wounds of hardworking Ghanaians at the last quarter of 2022 by a seemingly insensitive government by disclosing that since the country is so in-depted government and broke and in an effort secure an IMF bailout it has become necessary to take drastic steps hence a debt restructure program.

This debt restructuring in the beginning brought about many inconsistencies from the president of the Republic of Ghana.Aside imposing this debt structure program on Ghanaians,this administration has chosen not to be transparent and accountable.Denying vehemently that there won't be haircuts of any sort.It accused the opposition of peddling falsehood and using propaganda when the issue of haircuts came up.Now we all know better and wonder if the presidents words should be taken seriously as it is becoming obvious anything they deny with passion becomes the truth in a matter of time.

Now we all smell the coffee,and government bond holders are going to bear the scorch of the economic downturns that haven't been orchestrated by them.It is an open secret that all these is an offspring of gross mismanagement but the masses will have to break their back and I pray their spirit is not broken.

The president has also chosen to maintain a finance minister who has failed on his just job instead of taking heed of the peoples voice and doing the needful by letting the Minister fall on his own sword.

Later did those bonds holders through the finance ministers address cane out that there will be some kind of haircut which he stated it categorically that if someone had a bond in just ended December 2022 such a person wouldn’t get any interest on it in the year 2023.

Aside losing their interest,the government bond holders can't have access to their principal.They have a ridiculous payment plan imposed on them by the government.
Parliamentarians have also become victims to this unfair treatment and rip off.Honorable Frank Annor Dompreh of Nsawam Adoagyiri and Hon Dr Cassiel Ato Forson stated their position and displeasure about the government's approach to the situation.It is unseen and unheard of.
The reality is a good number of MPs from both the majority and minority may have a challenge raising their filling fees for nominations and even fund their campaigns eventually in their respective constituencies.

The NDC through their General secretary has released their time table few days ago at a press conference.I foresee MPs from the minority will mostly feel the pinch of this economic brouhaha.

Likewise the MPs on the majority who have been cheering on a failing team and now have their funds locked up,have themselves to blame.

However,the timing is right for all minority MPs to put their best foot forward and kick out this administration that has become a laughing stock decorated with a mammoth failures.

They must be considerate with their constituents because I believe Ghanaians are at their breaking point.If they take them for granted they will have themselves to blame.They owe their constituents development and empowerment that will lessen their hardships.The mere lip service and sweet talking.wont get them anywhere. activities as I urge the minority to seize the opportunity to save this country Ghana by positioning themselves to win the elections in 2024.Ghanaians have suffered enough.