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Opinions of Sunday, 12 July 2009

Columnist: Akumey-Affizie, Nunya

Fiifi Kwetey was targeted:

Shame, Shaka Sali

After that watery effort to crush out Hon. Fiifi Kwetey from the vetting proceedings and subsequently deny him the opportunity to serve his country, it is pretty clear to me that the persecutions have been ratcheted up in a different format and fashion by the caliber of unintelligent, ill-informed and irresponsible questions churned out by Shaka Sali of the VOA concerning Hon. Fiifi Kwetey during his interview with the President at the Castle. How on earth could a journalist of such stature be so unintelligent to have asked such a question as (One of your Ministers by name Fiifi Kwetey was asked about the unemployment rate in Ghana but he was not able to answer, what do you have to say about that) which carries the stamp and label of mischief and bias.

How crucial was that issue to the discussion at hand? What answer was Shaka Sali expecting from the president?

Was it right mentioning Hon. Fiifi Kwetey’s name directly and publicly? In my estimation, Shaka Sali exposed his bias when he mentioned Hon. Fiifi Kwetey’s name in relation to a question pertaining to unemployment figures in Ghana. The most unfortunate angle to the issue is that, evidently Shaka Sali just got this information from someone and without carrying out any background checks decided to launch an assault on Fiifi by asking such a hollow question. The facts of the matter are that, Hon. Fiifi Kwetey was asked a question by a radio Morning show host on issues pertaining to unemployment figures in the country and other issues on agriculture.

Hon. Fiifi Kwetey explained that, he could not give out the figures since he was not the Minister responsible for the sector in question.

Dear reader, is it wrong to be truthful about an issue one is not conversant with? Would it have been right on the part of Hon. Kwetey to lie about the issues he was been asked about?

Could it not amount to mendacity if Hon. Fiifi Kwetey had given a wrong figure? Is it compulsory to answer every question posed to an interviewee even when the interviewee is clueless about the question?

Doesn’t Hon. Fiifi have the right to check his facts well before answering questions of that kind which clearly does not fall within the domain of his Ministry? I do also have some indigestion over the one who posed the questions to Hon. Fiifi on radio. Was it sensible asking a deputy Minister of Finance, questions about agriculture and employment? If that is so, what questions then would be asked the Minister for Employment and Social welfare? Could he be asked of the Government budget deficit or fiscal spending? Why should the right questions be asked the wrong people? Do program host really research their questions before asking them? Why do some journalists churn out questions that are completely tangential to the issue at stake?

Ghanaian journalism is gradually becoming “Churnalism”

This practice of churnalism is causing havoc in the UK media.

Back to Mr. Shaka Sali, couldn’t he have checked to ascertain as to whether Mr. Fiifi kwetey was the employment or Agric Minister before spewing out those questions to the president?

I am inclined to believe that Shaka Sally meant mischief. My instincts also tell me that, he heard the issue from an anti-government source and unfortunately decided not to check the facts about it.

The question was clearly premeditated and was gravitated towards dragging the name of Hon. Fiifi Kwetey in the mud.

I think Shaka Sali should be ashamed of himself for asking such an ill-informed and factually fractured question

I shudder at the unfortunate manner in which such a short interview with a radio station could be featured as one of the questions for the president to answer on such an important platform.

The major question bothering my mind is that, was Hon. Fiifi’s answer to the question on radio the worst thing that happened in this country over the past six months?

Even a somnambulist would know that there is a grand design to bring Hon. Fiifi Kwetey’s name into disrepute. It’s unfortunate but that’s the truth.

Shaka Sali should be ashamed for such an unprofessional conduct.

I know for a fact that Hon. Fiifi Kwetey is unperturbed by those infantile machinations to run him down.

I can say on authority that any attempt to frame up Hon. Fiifi Kwetey would be met with stiff democratic and legal reprisals by the youth of this country. We would not sit unconcerned while people perpetrate mischief.

We are watching closely with eagle’s eye and listening with a cock’s ear. Long live Hon.Fiifi Kwetey, long live the Youth of Ghana and long live Ghana.

Author: Nunya Akumey-Affizie LSJ-UK