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Opinions of Sunday, 5 April 2009

Columnist: Affizie, Nunya Akumey

Fiifi Kwetey: The Dire Is Cast

“I have seen devils haunting me and angels calling me, but I used my back against the wall and there comes a call”. This I suppose was a one night encounter Mr. Fiifi Kwetey had with the Lord in the aftermath of his parliamentary vetting.

To some, the gods of Nogokpo (Fiifi’s Hometown) have spoken but to others the due process has been followed after weeks of failed attempts to head crush the Deputy Finance Minister designate.

Frankly, if “Gisele’s” alleged “gig” with ex –president Kuffuor had coincided with Fiifi’s vetting brouhaha, the latter would have had media dominance over the earlier since there was more to “consume” in Fiifi’s vetting.

To cut a long story short, the dust has settled and the dire is cast, Fiifi kwetey has triumphed and assumed his rightful position.

Contrary to some school of thought that describe Fiifi’s nomination as an exercise to reward mendacity, I consider Fiifi’s demeanor as an eye opener and one worthy of emulation.

Critical analysis of the vetting process disclosed a very worrying trend that requires a political diagnosis. A careful study has revealed that, if a nominee has not been involved in mainstream politics, he or she is likely to sail through the process with much ease. Examples are Mama Dubie, Mr.kwao Amoanor, Hon. Jatuah and many others. The like of Fiifi Kwetey who was a bitter pill for the minority to swallow was almost crushed out of the process due to his utterances in the run-up to the Dec 2008 general election.

Madam Hannah Tetteh did not have it easy either so was Madam Sherry Ayittey.Another controversial one was Lawyer Mumuni whose fate still hangs in the balance even after he has been sworn into office.

A careful look at these names obviously reveals a trend I describe as“Misdirected energy” of the minority.

Dear reader, can you hazard a guess as to why the Dubie’s, Hon.Amoanor’s and the latest Jatuah were passed? Is it because they were not at the frontline during the 2008 campaign which lead to the spanking of N.P.P out of power?

Frankly, I was surprised that the minority had no problem with Hon.Jatuah’s abysmal performance but had so many “convulsions” over Fiifi Kwetey’s political utterances. Is the Minority group not interested in the competence of the nominees? Are they only so engrossed in “paying back” the hard line politicians among the nominees? Dear reader, don’t you think they have misdirected their energies to fruitless ventures? If this is not a disservice to the Nation, please help me get a better word.

Vetting should not be reduced to a political “chopping board” where opponents are “slaughter” and used to prepare a politically garnished menu to be served to the public. We should rise up above party lines in order to reach the dreamland.

Congrats Fiifi, you have proven that “you have been to many places and seen many faces”. We the younger generation are very proud of you. God bless Ghana.

Author: Nunya Akumey Affizie

London School of Journalism