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Opinions of Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Columnist: Emmanuel Kakraba

Fighting corruption through Krinsol training and empowerment

The establishment of a special prosecutor’s office and subsequent appointment of a well acclaimed anti-corruption advocate/campaigner, Martin Amidu, as the first head is highly commendable.

However, this only represents a tip of the iceberg in the fight against corruption and fraud in Ghana.

To achieve the desired results, and to elevate the impact of anti-corruption and fraud drive from the grassroots, it is imperative for these people at the bottom of the crusade pyramid, especially local assembly members, students, community opinion leaders, early/mid-term public, civil, corporate and private sector professionals and employees to be empowered to serve as the critical link as regards full cooperation and participation.

The way forward, therefore, lies in a constant/consistent engagement, training, capacity building, education, raising awareness, and sensitization of target groups, relevant stakeholders, and the public, on corruption and fraud. Early warning signs, detection, prevention and response actions are also crucial.

It is for these major concerns and reasons that, the Social Enterprise, Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Krinsol Ecotours) under its flagship social, humanitarian and economic intervention initiative, “Neighborhoods Empowerment and Sustainable Transformation (NEST)”, designed and is in the process of rolling out a comprehensive training program on Strategies for Combating Corruption and Fraud.

This actionable training is themed “Corruption Impedes Development and Threatens our Collective Future”. It will provide participants with the requisite high leverage, innovative and applicable strategies, knowledge and competencies for combating corruption and fraud, a phenomenon considered as responsible for poverty, socio-economic underdevelopment stagnation, conflicts, instability and other developmental challenges in Ghana, Africa and many developing countries.

The program introduces a new frontier of methodological and systematic empowerment that will help the grassroots, students/youth, metropolitan, municipal, district and local assembly members, lower/mid-term corporate, public, civil and private sector professionals, employees and stakeholders, to lead a vigorous campaign against corruption and fraud.

This will facilitate a significant paradigm shift from the traditional, public, radio and television talk shows, lamentations, street protests and even violent overthrow of governments approach to dealing with corruption and fraud, in a much more effective way to induce the desired results.

In essence, this grassroots approach will help people to cultivate, nurture, create and activate the much needed formidable public buy-in and a sense of ownership of this campaign. In the short/long term, this will augment and/or compliment the establishment of the special prosecutor’s office, which with all intents and purposes will need public collaboration and support in diverse ways.

The program, to be organized between 23rd and 25th May, 2018, in Accra, will educate those who are passionate about and committed to equitable distribution of resources, sustainable social, humanitarian and economic development, local governance, democracy, transparency, accountability, good governance, human rights, rule of law and justice, peace, security and safety.

To attend, registration is ongoing through:

Domestic and international academicians, researchers, experts, media, journalists, public influencers, educational institutions and events marketers, public, civil society, corporate, private and government institutions, organizations, ministries, agencies, departments, local authorities and volunteers are also needed for strategic sponsorships, partnerships and collaborations.

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