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Opinions of Monday, 11 September 2017

Columnist: Sof Nalung

Afia Schwarzenegger deserves sympathy and justice

Afia Schwarzenegger Afia Schwarzenegger

Many friends who often read me on Facebook do not understand why I support Afia Schwarzenegger in this trying times. They still can't fathom why I am so troubled about what happened to this poor "girl". I remember a friend asking me in a Facebook comment, "Do you support infidelity"? And my answer was, " NO".

The victim is a human being. Who deals with people in her profession. And might have wronged people in one way or the other. But that should not cloud their sense of judgment. Or make them gloat over her undoings. In lawyer Nti's voice, "issa sad distin".

The most annoying thing is when people compare hers to Rashida Black Beauty's. I don't get it. In fact, there is no basis for comparison. I got myself cracked up when I read from the latter's Facebook page that the former should accept it in good faith. So I asked, "For what"?

Afie's "husband" at the time of the incident was no more her husband. To her, he was her ex. According to her, they parted ways about three(3) months ago.

Again, she had and still has the power to choose whom to be with. Unless their company goes against the laws of Ghana. She has feelings. And should choose who to quench them, when they arouse without being gagged.

Her ex intruded her privacy : he was neither invited nor welcome. This is a clear definition of violation of privacy. Which is highly frown upon by the laws of Ghana or privacy laws. The Fundamental Human Right and Freedoms under the 1992 Constitution of the Republic Of Ghana demands that the dignity of all persons shall be inviolable.

According to Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, obscenity involves having in your possession, putting into circulation or publicly exhibiting obscene drawings, prints, posters, photographs or any other related obscene objects. This makes Afie's husband a criminal.

Even when Afie shed tears. And begged him to temper justice with mercy, he appeared stone hearted to. And went further to share it. That led to its circulation. How callous was he!

The law enforcement agencies must not allow the guy to go scot free. He should be dealt with to deter others from taking the law into their own hands in future.