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Opinions of Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Columnist: Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo

Abronye a true definition of 419 and dishonest being

Abronye DC Abronye DC

Someone drew my attention about Abronye calling JM 419 and I laughed because he has become irrelevant in his party today especially when it comes to discussing serious issues on nation building.

He is someone who always want to ride on the fame of John Dramani Mahama to be relevant in his own party, the NPP.

I always say if not for politics, Abronye would not even deserve to listen to John Mahama on radio not to talk of watch him on TV.

Imagine someone known to be 419 in his own party that today even officials in his party can't trust him as Chairman with the Party's resources, taking a dig at a revered former President.

Abronye should go and clear himself in court about issues of stolen lands in Sunyani before calling our next President 419.

He should go and apologize to the fetish priest in Wenchi whom his own Maxwell Mahama claimed he defrauded before calling JM 419.

Abronye should account for the confiscated vehicles he seized and tell the world why he was sacked by the Chief of Staff before calling others 419.

Abronye should know that we are in the Bono Region together and he shouldn't push us to strip him naked before the world.

Even though he became a Chairman by accident, he must see himself as someone occupying a position held by reasonable people like Stephen Ntim, Asoman Kyeremeh and not denigrate the office with his pedestrian rantings. He never expected to occupy an advisory portfolio of a leading party, but if by default he has transitioned from a conveyer of unacceptable words and conducts to a wearer of reasonable cap, then he must respect himself.

If it's for this reason he has gone to court then he should get ready because we won't shut up for a difinition of him to keep calling JM names.

Even if he Abronye runs to court on credibility issues as chairman, how much more a former President who is ready to reclaim Ghana from the mess we find ourselves today?

I think I have to continue this episode in my next response to him.

You have lots of skeletons in your box Abronye, they will come out at the right time.