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Opinions of Thursday, 21 August 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Fatherly Advice to Kwabena Agyepong

– NPP General Secretary

Similarly as the late Justice Agyepong of blessed memory would advise his son, Mr Kwabena Agyepong, so shall I do unto him. Belonging in the Agona clan, same as Kwabena’s late father from Oyoko in the Ashanti region, I will, and do have the absolute right to, traditionally treat Kwabena as my son. Moreover, the late Mr Kwame Nyame (Emmanuel Marfo), the nephew of Justice Agyepong, his successor, was more of a brother to me than a friend, close as we were, confiding in each other.

For quite sometime now, tongues are wagging, blaming Kwabena for one thing or the other. He is accused of being arrogant, mischievous in some of his acts. He is further accused of arrogating to himself excessive powers of which he is not entitled to. Subsequently, he takes unilateral decisions that are neither in conformity with NPP’s general regulations, nor, are they in the best interest of the party, many NPP sympathisers say.

Having been closely monitoring the actions of, and the allegations against, Kwabena, I will only have to advise him, as a father would, to his child in such unpalatable circumstances. I find myself wedged between a rock and a hard surface. However, the truth must be told at all time.

Kwabena, whatever your ulterior motives behind your actions are, please bear in mind that they do not sit well with many a member of the NPP. They suspect that you have been acting in bad faith. If you are not reined in, you stand to compromise the position of the NPP vis-à-vis Election 2016. This is a serious indictment of your affiliation with, and allegiance to, the NPP. All your public pronouncements and efforts directed at securing a winning verdict for NPP in Election 2016 will all be seen as superficial, far removed from the truth, should you persist in your current conduct of executing your duties. Many are questioning your sincerity, honesty and loyalty to the party and the NPP family.

You may be sabotaging yourself, digging your own grave, should you obstinately continue to dwell in the ignorance of being able to run a one-man showmanship at the NPP headquarters. You have to be very tactful when dealing with human beings. You cannot run a liberal group of human beings same as you would a company of your own. They can either choose to quit the group, leaving you on your own, or they may unanimously decide to kick you out. Whichever way it goes, you are the end loser.

Kwabena, you cannot successfully swim against the tide, you will certainly be washed away or washed downstream. This is a fact. If the grassroots of the NPP feel a particular person has to be given the nod for a particular position, why do you try to obstruct it, should that be your aim as many suspect?

I will advise you to learn to work with every genuine member of the NPP, no matter their rank within the NPP. Learn to respect the constitution of the party. If you follow the party rules without seeking to make your own rules, you will be loved by many, but not scorned.

Do not be deceived so that you are not deceived. Do not allow your overly allegiance to any one particular person cloud your wisdom to do what the majority of the party members expect of you to winning Elections 2016 to alleviate the suffering of Ghanaians. Do not be overbearing in any way.

It shall be well with you, Kwabena, should you listen to my advice to you today. “A word to the wise is enough”

Rockson Adofo