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Opinions of Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Columnist: Asafu-Agyei, K. K.

Father Forgive Them !

After analysing the social and political situation in Ghana, I could only come out boldly pleading with the OLD MAN above that, he should forgive the bunch of incompetent THIEVES from the NPP ruling Ghana today.

This is the first time in our history, a president with his family, tribe and some fortunate party members are openly stealing anything they lay hands on, but still want to rule us; with some unscruplus [people] supporting them.

Today under Kufour Diawuo, LAW and Journalism are not the noblest of profession we know before.

Under Kufour, Okyere Darko from the Statesman Paper is a Lawyer, whilst Haruna Atta, Ansaba, K. Baako, Gina Blay and dugan Daniel are the only journalists in Ghana NPP admire.

Daily Graphic is in the hands of Ashantis and being remote controlled from Manhyia. Father Forgive them, for most Ashantis from the 1976 class from ashanti Region, know how they got to England and the US--they support this 419 president.

Hotel Kuffour, the Narctic trade, the unneccesary travels, which has earned him the name MARC O'Polo,are nothing to them. Tribalism is high on their agenda, with the Cocaine pusher as their KING.

Today Apraku is a free man wanting to be president because he is an Ashanti. With all the incompetence he exhibited at the Ministry of Trade(Free Zones Board),he has had the guts to tell ghanaians that, he is a saint for the road ahead. Eddie Annan and Fantes are you still Ghanaians? The Ashanti can only bounce back when you bark at him with a blow.

They are the DIBOLICAL ELEMENTS in your midst. What at all have the following contributed in terms of ideas to ask for the highest office of the land: ADDO KUFOUR(Mr Extortion) Alan Kyerematen(Mr Embassy Building & Yaw safo Marfo Loan scandals) Kwabena Frimpong Boateng(Korle Bu is still Dirty and wall around it shows how as president your priorities would be, like the Dump Kufour)

Kwabena Kesse, the mamponghene(alias Gutter to Gutter) is a free man, but Malam issah had to go to jail.

Boafo S.K., the money bag of NPP is in Accra to help in organising the CASTLE BANK, whilst EDUMADZE had to fight before being ejected from the Central Regional Organization.

GOD SHOULD FORGIVE YOU ALL and help ghanaians to know your dibolical plans ,come 2008.

NORTHNERS-you are being your own enemies.Abudu and Andani could not be enemies, but KUFOUR made you so. Pray for forgiveness and honour KWAME NKRUMAH a little, for you are being ungrateful to the finger that fed you.The north is the only place one could get a PRESIDENT, Vice President,and all the 19 cabinet ministers. Never follow the Narcotic Party, for your dignity as people is in your own hands. You will be fair to everyone and you are intelligent too, because, you study hard and abhor cheating in EXAMS.

Today,your darling boy Haruna Iddrissu is proving to Ghanaians that,the young also has what it takes to help in ghana?s development.That is what you must always pray for.His likes in parliament-The NPP Isaac Asiamah,is following the BOMB throwers-insulting his elders ,all over the place.

We have only one world,but Kufour has shown through his engagement of WEREKO-BROBBEY that, we can?t share it together.Tarzan Brobbey, with what he did at the VRA should have entered the sea by now ,but thanks to his HIGH BLOOB as an ASHANTI-he is now the P.R.O of the no better GIA

Gas,you have a problem. When Kuffour clandestically appointed the two uneducated Gas: Obetsebi-Lamptey and I.C.Quaye as Ministers of State,he was sending you a message, but give NPP the answer come 2008.

I am an Ashanti, but because I had a good father, I know how to move with them. Becareful of Ashantis in NPP,they are more Nation wreckers than they want you to think of others.



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