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Opinions of Thursday, 16 June 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Father For All, Tear Gas For All?

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

Do you want to smell the smoke that comes out when a tear gas is fired for you to know what exactly it is? Then I will advice you to rally some few guys, get a name tag and threaten to march to the castle to see the president by force and you will feel it.
You will not just feel the scent of tear gas but you will also be taught the security term” charge” which has a different meaning in local language “mo nbro wom” where if the security forces providing “asomdwe” for the old man tells you to stop and you refuses to stop shouts and all that you feel is smoke of tear gas and beatings.
Not that alone, but you will also see the red line where it is a no go area for you if the security at the “asomdwehene’s house ask you not to come close and you remain stubborn you will be taught a lesson.
But the best advice I will give to you is please do not dream of seeing what it is or inhale a volume of the smoke that comes out when it is fired so kindly stay clear from any act that will let the security forces especially the police to fire one on you because if they do the results would be deadly.
Yes do not consider embarking on forceful demonstration to see the Asomdwehene because he needs some peace of mind to tackle your problems which he is already aware of and might be working to solve it as soon as possible to make meaning of the better Ghana agenda programme.
Oh but if he is not aware of the problems then why did he embarked on a nationwide tour recently? It was because he was receiving a lot of complaints therefore he decided to go and find out and formulates plans to solve them so he needs some peace of mind.
Please do not think if he is peaceful but busily working at his office at the castle to solve your problems any of his ministers of state will descend the stairs to come and collect your petitions when you defy the order of the security at the castle because they are all on campaign tour working to ensure that their master defeat his opponent come July 9, in Sunyani.
No but if that was not the case how would fishermen from Accra who marched to the castle demanding to meet the president and present their petition to him were clamped down by the police?
When they refused to stopped at the red line they were made to smell the scent of the tear gas and the touch of the batons where some of the fishermen fearing for their lives run for cover.
Maybe my advice to the fishermen who were my uncles from Accra came after they have been touched but they should have asked the teachers who demonstrated and were made to smell the smoke for them to advice themselves before going on that forceful demonstration to the Osu Castle.
For the fishermen many of them were able to run for cover leaving only two who were injured according to an earlier report but what about the teachers who were smoked like rats by using tear gas?
Most of them came out of trance to see themselves in different shapes especially half face swollen, body bruises, torn clothes and what have you without knowing what exactly happened that resulted into that.
For instance, a teacher who suffered a tear gas treatment came back to her senses asking for the where about of her wig as her voice had changed too due to the swollen half face.
Ladies and gentlemen, the president has assured all that he will be a father for all which is turning out to be tear gas for all. Do you blame him for that? No. Papa Jerry has threatened to wrest the presidential seat from him come 2012 general elections for his wife by whichever means.
This has poked the KOTI people around him who are tasked to ensure that no gray beard person causes trouble so if you want to petition the president please present it to your district chief executive DCE, or regional minister or better still the information minister who can go and present it to the man of peace.
Otherwise be prepared to enjoy the father for all treatment of the Asomdwehene, by ignoring all these people as well as instructions by the KOTI at the castle by smelling the tear gas or feel the touch of the baton.
If not then you must start training how to run like Usain Bolt the world’s fastest runner from Jamaica, to avoid the smell of tear gas and a touch of the baton.
Mr. President, July 9, is fast approaching everything sort out? Read my piece “MR.PRESIDENT EVERYTHING SORT OUT” tomorrow.