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Opinions of Monday, 29 June 2020

Columnist: Professor Peter Twumasi

Fare thee well Sam Cudjoe: Originator and father of TESCON

Sam Cudjoe died on Friday Sam Cudjoe died on Friday

You mentored us, and introduced us, the then young university students at UST from 1994-2000, to multiparty governance while studying there.

As President of the last (KN)UST NPP BRANCH, you initiated reforms to network all tertiary NPP Branches on the university, Polytechnic and Teacher Training Campuses across the country. It was under your leadership and, I (Peter Twumasi), serving as your Organizing Secretary, with other executives such as Dr Joshua Okoto (Secretary), Effa Ameyaw, Sani, and others, that the proposal for the establishment of.

TESCON (Tertiary Students Confederacy of NPP) submitted by a committee you set up under the chairmanship of Peter Abban and was overwhelmingly adopted to replace the existing campus branch system of NPP, to match the then NDC's TEIN Group. Also adopted was the slogan, "Commitment Without Inducement".

You worked so hard with leadership of the party in Ashanti Region especially Hon Osei Kwaku, MP for Asokwa West, and the National Party to prepare for the official inauguration that saw Deputy Chief of Staff, Francis Asenso-Boakye, emerging as the first President of UST TESCON in the year 2000. He is one of yours astute products emerging from your administration reforms.

You thought us not to be dependent on others for party funding but to do it ourselves. At our meetings at Republic Hall, you made us to make silver collections, and you took us to communities including Suame Magazine, Bantama and Adum, to raise funds for the party.

The seed you sowed at KNUST germinated and has today grown beautifully (TESCON) on all campuses across the country. Your youth intellectual base in NPP has overwhelmed every political analysts and researchers, and this has made the party strong and winning elections.

Many of your members in the early days of your campus organization such as Hon Kwaku Kwarteng, Deputy Minister of Finance, etc and others who joined later are occupying various influential positions in government and serving the people. This was your dream and truly it has come to passed. Thank God you witnessed the fruits before your departure.

May God receive you into His bosom and grant you absolute rest. REST WELL MY MENTOR, MR CUDJOE. !!!