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Opinions of Sunday, 1 January 2012

Columnist: Avornyo, Bright Selasie Yao

Fairness in 2012 Polls – Our responsibility my cooperation

It is hard truth to tell but whether we like it or not there was no fairness in the world during the times of Methuselah including the present days of the western world and that of the days yonder before us. Don’t you believe my assertions or you want to refute them to the dirtiest gutter of all kind?
Hmm, remember that the Methuselah “guy” has lived, according to the Holy Bible, for more than centuries but he is just not lucky enough to have reached thousand(s). What did he then use his God-given-years for? Hmm, I just can’t best tell but have read that although his age strength didn’t elude him – that was why I earlier on referred to him as a guy. Thereafter, God realises that the sinful nature of mankind is something he can’t cope with hence in His wisdom He decides to reduce the years of man after Methuselah – God is indeed a mysterious God, as described by the Christian Constitution – the Bible. If for any reasons at all the so-called human right activists may want to argue that it is unfair on the part of God not to have given the same chance to all humans to prove themselves as He did to Methuselah. Ebei! Aaah, how for do? That is why to some extent it is very painful when a young person of good standing dies, the bereaved family writes boldly “WHAT A SHOCK?”
For the present state of the western world, let there be some little misunderstanding between any regions particularly on the African continent and see whether the west will not impose sanctions or unashamedly commit troops to fight against one faction and kill innocent civilians for free under the guise of “protecting civilians.” You remember the case of elections dispute between AL-Gore and Bush in the US? Good. When the allegations of vote rigging were levelled against one candidate, didn’t they end up in a US competent court of jurisdiction? Good memory. Then you ask yourself why was it that when the childish behaviour of Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara was about to result into what had really turned out to be a pool of blood on the streets of Ivory Coast, Barrack Obama for instance, made a speech or statement to annul the “victory” of Gbagbo three days to the stupid and senseless fight between the good for nothing but murderer forces allied to both “children” politicians of Ivory Coast. Hmm, though the Ivorian supreme Constitutional Court questionably proclaimed Gbagbo the winner. You called this fairness?
Furthermore, for the days beyond us I don’t expect anything to change except or perhaps the otherwise known as the doom’s day. Where we will be to assess situations is another headache. The world is becoming more and more evil day in day out.
For Ghanaian presidential and parliamentary elections to be free and faire – forgive me, I doubt. First of all you ask what fairness is. For me, if you ask me, I will tell that fairness in terms of Ghana’s politics is about whom the political situation favours – he will trumpet the thunderous triumphant tone of fairness but let say if the political situation does not favour the other devide - he will in the strongest terms without any hesitation describe the situation as unfair or witch-hunting.
During elections, that is when we see the stingiest political animal forking all out for people like drops of flies for vote, temporally filling potholes on our commercial roads, feigningly trying to extend electricity to the places-of-no-see-lights. Money meant for national developments the wicked ones will hoard and during elections the cedi flows even more than the Adenta pipes in Greater Accra. Ei! Ghanaians plus de ma politics. Hehehehe – is this really fair, friends of mother Ghana? This is definitely morally absurd.
At the polls, especially within the strongholds of the various political parties, irresponsible party supporters will vote more than the required one time expected of their civic responsibility. Stuffing of ballot boxes or exchanging fraudulent ballot boxes with the genuine ones under the barrel of heavy guns may become the order for the day. Then when the elections results do not favour the very parties who engage in these absurdities, we see them roaring like an abandoned lion that has not eaten for decades, alleging fraud here, there, and everywhere including where they have themselves rigged.
During elections, lazy people, who will not use their healthy body for any meaningful work, the wicked loosing politicians do hire them as macho-men to intimidate electorates. And you called this fairness, people? The art of using all necessary means to impose oneself on the will of the discerning people is an art of foolishness and ignorance. And please, note that political legitimacy comes with all the necessary supports even in times of droughts – trust me!
Now, what do we do in the face of all these unwholesome behaviours?
The first step to take is individuals must change their political attitudes. Ghanaians, let’s admit without any pretence that Gold Coast or Ghana existed long before we were all born and that at all costs we shall, on a day, leave it behind and then go to our maker to render accounts of our lives. Why then should we ignorantly involve ourselves in any activities of disunity and violence to destroy the future of our generations unborn? Many thanks, to God, that unarguably the evils that men do follow after them. If we do something stupid today to harm the bright future of our country our generations unborn will bitterly incessantly curse our bones when we die. I for one do not want my innocent bones to be cursed when I’m supposed to be resting in perfect peace. Nooo! I definitely want my soul to find peace with my ancestors when I happen to pass away.
Voting is simply about going to the polls on the elections day - vote for your preferred candidate(s) of choice thereafter, leave the scene. There is absolutely no need guarding the ballot box. There is no need!!! There is/are security personnel, EC officials, polling agents, observers – why then do you want to complement the works of others when your services are not needed? Simply, no need, dude!
Come December 2012, for sure, there are going to be series of allegations of any wrong doings against one another. It is my plea that we let the alleged persons send their allegations to our competent courts of jurisdiction for proves. Period! If any uncharitable political activists insult for cheep political points let’s refrain from that and possibly reject the candidature of the aspirant, whose allies engage in this morally corrupt practice. Unadulterated justice! Remember, hate speech can within a second result into genocide.
Now to those so-called unprofessional media houses and their reporters, who will be on the side of evil not to spur us the chance to breathe and hug our loved ones in mother Ghana, read that Ghana belongs to Ghanaians and not any media houses. Yes, journalists are, according a Mass Communication theory, Agenda Setters but this does not mean they should be the mouthpiece for stomach politicians thereby neglecting the core functions of their watchdog role and serving instead as the voice for the voiceless. Please, change your Yellow Journalism headline news indeed. Enough is enough!
The EC should at least continue its dialogue with the political parties to resolve any unforeseen misunderstanding before, during, and after the 2012 polls. On the biometric verification system, I think it is not out of place when others are insisting on its inclusion. Isn’t it all about fairness?
For the 2012 elections to slip through the flood gates peacefully in December without any hindrance it must be the responsibility of all Ghanaians to ensure incidence free, fair, and transparent elections while politicians on the other hand must cooperate.
Still belated Merry Christmas and violence free New Year’s election.
By: Bright Selasie Yao Avornyo