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Opinions of Sunday, 17 April 2005

Columnist: Natogmah Issahaku

Dagbon Chieftaincy Crisis: A Sad Saga Of Animosity, Vendetta, And Disunity?What Next?

My fellow Dagombas, please kindly lend me your ears. My name is Natogmah Issahaku, a Dagomba, and I would like to share with you a proposal which, if we consider, could lead us to a plan that would in turn, bring about a lasting peace and unity to Dagbon. I am presenting this proposal, a blue print, to all Dagombas for consideration because of my concern and love for Dagbon and my yearning for peace and unity in this Great Kingdom of ours. As a Dagomba, I am related to both of the feuding Gates on equal terms, because ?in the long-run,? we are all from the same ancestors and are one large family(tribe).

As it happens, we(Dagombas), whether living right in Dagbon or in the diaspora, have experienced deep pain, humiliation, and sarcasm in the past few years following the gruesome, maniacal, savage acts that took place in Yendi on Wednesday, 27 March, 2002 and culminated in the infamous decapitation of the Ya Naa(Naa), Yakubu Andani II. It is the solemn duty of all Dagombas, from the Abudu Gate, the Andani Gate, and the hoi polloi of Dagbon to prevent a replicate of such a regicide in the future. The events of that evil day marked the climax of several ugly happenings which had marred, and still mar, the Dagbon Traditional Area(DTA) for a good part of the last half century.

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Natogmah Issahaku
Hails from Jisonaayilli, near Tamale

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