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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Columnist: Solomon Sarpong

Intellectual masturbation of some UTAG members (Part 1)

Harry Agbanu, President of UTAG Harry Agbanu, President of UTAG

I'm really saddened about the ongoing crises hitting our noble institution UEW. Many times I ask myself if lecturers with so many degrees can behave the way we are seeing, then where are we going as a nation. It is the expectation of every lecturer to exhibit a high sense of discipline so as to serve as role models for students. But what are we seeing today...intellectual masturbation at its peak.

When will all these allegations end? What motivated UTAG executives to embark on this strike actions just because of a court order? What message are they preaching to we the students body and our generation yet unborn? Are they preaching that we should behave like them as we experiencing currently.

Hmmmm! It's very disheartening to see people I respect so much behaving this way. Why won't they allow the law to take it's course as they preach to us?

If the alleged victims claim they are not guilty of the allegations levied against them, then why should they panic? Court decisions are not always pleasant but what can we say or do? We are all subject to the rule of law regardless the capacity and as such, must learn to appreciate and build confidence in the law as we wait for the ultimate decision from the judges.

I believe UTAG seeks to ensure the welfare of its members. But let's ask ourselves, what has this issue got to do with improving the welfare of university lecturers in this country , if not for their selfish interest? For Christ sake, there are better issues to fight for and not this peculiar one. It's clear to the whole world that we still have some academic giants who have masturbated intellectually.

Our fees keep increasing exponentially each year and we don't hear UTAG coming to our aid even when we yell and call on them. As it stands now, we still lack facilities for our lecturers in UEW. It is a shame to see about 3-4 lecturers sharing the same office in UEW. The concentration should be on improving the welfare of lecturers and not allowing their hypocritical and selfish interest to override them on this issue.

We the student body have keenly followed the issue at hand and would want to register our deepest displeasure to our National UTAG executives for calling this strike and as such need an apology from them for wasting our resources. Our parents demand value for the amount of money they have sacrifice for our fees.

In the same vein, we also want to use this opportunity to show appreciation to A.G Vice chancellor University of Education Winneba for exhibiting a high level of professionalism in exercising his duty for the growth and development of our noble institution and to our nation at large.

Long live Mother Ghana