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Opinions of Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Columnist: Kwarkye, Nana Abena Afriyie


Nana Abena Afriyie Kwarkye


The caption of this article might wet your appetite to read on. Maybe you were expecting to read something that pulls the cover off someones blindfold, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. This piece is about your health. We need to be alert on certain basic health tips. I trust we all know the saying prevention is better than cure. I want to believe that we are not just reciting a nursery rhyme and that we really understand every word of this saying.This article will be an eye opener to you.

A lot of education has gone on when it comes to our health. Among them is washing of hands with soap and water frequently and especially when we use the washroom. There is a lot of education on the need to sanitize our hands because of how invisible bacteria is. Consider the following, thecomputer keyboard, the car steering wheel, the money notes we always handle, the people we shake hands with and even your mobile phone. That is the fastest way by which we get into contact with bacteria on our day to day activties. I wonder how many of us make it a point to wash your hands with soup after handling cash.

I always get worried, when I see food vendors handle cash with their hands and there after dish out food to customers with this same hand. We are consuming germs directly into our tummy. Only God knows what we have taken into our bodies even today. Talking of the Ghana cedis notes, I’m sure everybody has some in his or her wallet. The GHS 1 according to research is the highly infected note. If I carry out a search in your wallet now I’m sure I will find some in it. The reason we should all be concerned.

Whenever we are hungry, we sometimes look for readily available food such as roasted plantain or corn. Most women use their hands in turning the plantain or corn on the fire. We live in a society where we think the use of the left hand is unacceptable and so they use their right hand in collecting money when someoneis buying and this same hand in touching the food immediately afterwards. Furthermore, the rate at which foods such as plaintain, corn, fish, khebab, and now the new thing in town; pork is exposed to the open air is alarming. The air is polluted with invisible bacteria which causes a lot of harm to our body. Imagine this, people spitting and urinating all around coupled with a dirty environment. This dries up and the air carries it away with every particle and settles on these exposed foods. Its time to take a second look at what we consume and adopt a healthy life style. Just as it is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day, exercise regularly and eating a balanced meal, it is extra important to take a second look at what we eat not forgetting the need to wash our hands as frequently as you attend to your mobile phone. One thing that always comes to mind when I see uncovered food is EXPOSED!!!