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Opinions of Saturday, 10 October 2015

Columnist: Oduro, Jean Asantewaah

Expectations of assembly members in the various assemblies

Governments over the years have done a lot to strengthen the process of decentralization by providing financial support such as the District Assemblies Common Fund, the District Development Projects, but there is more room for improvement. District Development Projects, but there is more room for improvement.
The principal actors of the local government system namely, the District Chief Executive, Presiding Member, Members of Parliament, District Coordinating Directors, Assembly Members, Councilors, Unit Committee Members and the Traditional Authorities must respect the prescribed boundaries of their responsibilities and rights and recognized that nobody is superior to the other.
The election and appointment as Assembly members are mark of the confidence the people have in them and therefor are expected to live up to the responsibilities reposed in them by the people.
The Local Government Act of 1993 outlines some of the duties of Assembly Members. Members of the Assembly should maintain close contacts with their electoral areas.
Consult the people on issues to be discussed in the Assembly and collate their views and opinions for presentation to the Assembly.
They are required to have due regard to the national interest and the interest of the people in the district.
Members should make it a duty to demand accountability of themselves and management of the Assemblies. They should work for the public good and not for personal interest.
To promote good governance, democracy and peace in the country, Assembly Members play a unique role in exercising their functions, most especially at the grassroots.
Members are expected to explain policies for a better understanding to the ordinary Ghanaian in participatory democracy that the country has adopted.
In my own opinion as a Ghanaian, a journalist and a Civil Servant, i understand the Local Government system. After 27 years of experimenting the decentralized system of government, the government says with pride and justifies the decision to decentralization.Committed and hardworking people are sought to make the implementation of decisions, projects and programmes successful. Looking forward in reporting in the next few years a better and more flexible local governance system.
I say congratulations to all Elected and Appointed Assembly Members in all our MMDAs.