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Opinions of Friday, 11 March 2011

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Est tu un Voleur, Generale Moustique Kwabena Asiedu Nketia?

Je ne le crois pas. Generale Moustique Kwabena Asiedu Nketia n'est pas un voleur mais peut-être maladroitment corrumpu. J'écrirai tous mes articles de caractéristique pour l'édition en français si cela convient mes lecteurs.

I do not believe it. Generale Mosquito Kwabena Asiedu Nketia is not a thief but maybe tactlessly corrupt. I will be writing all my feature articles for publishing in French if that suits my readers.

Not long ago, Asiedu Nketia was shouting on top of his voice, getting his voice weak and hoarse in attempts to accuse some NPP members of thievery. He was telling the whole nation, on air, in the e-print and the print media that the then seventeen contesting NPP candidates for their party's flagbearership were all thieves. He made this unsubstantiated allegation with impunity. Little did he realise that while pointing an accusing finger at them, three were pointing backwards towards him as probably the biggest thief ever.

Asiedu Nketia may not necessarily be a thief but his recent actions which are raising eyebrows suggest he is corrupt, and corrupt he actually is. He sits on the Bui Dam Authority as a board member and sells manufactured blocks to the contractors building the dam at twice the price as sold to them by his competitors. This is a clear indication of how he is abusing the confidence reposed in him as an appointed board member of the Bui Dam Authority. What a conflict of interest yet the Board's Director has exonerated him of any blame. Is it not the case of our party in power protective shield that he is wearing? Is it not an extension of the "Indemnity clause" to protect Kwabena Asiedu Nketia from being held accountable for his actions?

Asiedu Nketia, a.k.a General Mosquito whose outward body features, famished as he appears; really resembles the insect after which he is named. He is not only nonsensically noisy but as well parasitic, milking Ghana softly but dry same as his namesake insect sucks human blood. In return, Asiedu insults and threatens, similarly as his namesake, the insect, squirts their chemical payload into our skin, infecting us with the parasites picked up while feeding on other animals, often birds.

Asiedu Nketiah says to have worked for twenty nine years as a teacher, a Bank Manager, a Member of Parliament, the NDC's General Secretary and a block manufacturer. He further says he will be a useless person if at the age of 55 and having worked that hard but is unable to put up those two gigantic three-storey houses as doing rounds in the Ghana media. When you see the pictures of the houses, you will stand there agape at their splendour and probably drivel. Why the houses were not built all this while until these two last years when he became the NDC's scribe and a Board member of the Bui Dam Authority? Has he not been able to build these two houses of grandeur all because of getting some contracts of some sort from the NDC government thereby making huge profits?

What baffles me is the unease at which Asiedu Nketia tries to justify how he came to build the two houses, especially the one in Kumasi. Finding it difficult coming forth with intelligent answers to support his claim whenever under public scrutiny, he always hangs up the phone on the interrogator. Shame on him!

Is it a crime for a government to claim the Bui Dam Project will have an affiliated Bui City when completed? Will it not only be a crime if finance was sourced for the Bui City but got embezzled? It is not a crime where Bui City is intended to be built after the completion of, or while the dam project is still ongoing. Was there not an intention to secure loans for the Bui City at a later date? What then is Asiedu Nketia's problem with there not being the minutes of the meeting on the Bui City hence threatening to drag Former President Kufuor before the Board for questioning? Actually when you doubtingly probe deep the eyes of the dead to ascertain their death, you are said to certainly come into confrontation with a ghost. Now Asiedu Nketia has turned out to be the most corrupt person.

The NDC is churning out nouveau riche most of who are corrupt but with big foul-mouth. Ama Benyiwa Doe and Allotey Jacobs are not exceptions. Not long ago they were on air disgracefully threatening to let each ones ghost out the chest if it was not for the sake of their party and President Mills. Their day of reckoning is coming and sooner will it be – hypocrites.

It is disgusting to see Ghanaian politicians view politics as an arena for amassing illegal wealth. Hopefully, Asiedu Nketia will be careful when accusing others of evil when he is himself the devil incarnate. Asiedu Nketia is not a thief but quite dishonest.

Rockson Adofo