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Opinions of Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Columnist: Confidence, Abdulai Hanan R.

Epistle: No Tribute from Rawlings to Komla Dumor

So Rawlings refused to pay tribute to Komla Dumor, Ghana and Africa's illustrious ambassador to the world. I visited the official Rawlings' blog yesterday and there was nothing like a tribute to the Dumor's. Even though it is within his volition to pay tribute to whoever he desires, I strongly believe it is incumbent upon him as former Head of State to pay glorious tribute to deserving sons and daughters of a land he once superintended over.

I have always love Rawlings and will always do. But let me state in unequivocally that he has his own shortcomings. He is not God. He is not perfect. So, the illusionary belief in himself as a Template of Perfection and a Paragon of Moral Exactitude ought to be provoked in his sober moments.

Rawlings is unforgiving - very unforgiving! I don't intend to make this a political missive so I restrain myself of veering into unpalatable gory details of my supposition!

Komla Dumor had a journey of a well-lived life. He soared to the pinnacle of his career. With pride, he projected Ghana in every nook and cranny of the globe. He has interviewed the movers and shakers of the world - from the filthy rich Bill Gates to several successful business tycoons and magnates. He has threaded in many places where affluence could not reach but nobility and intellect. Besides, he mentored a dozen of promising lads in his chosen field. Truth be told, it will take next to a miracle for another Ghanaian to emerge preeminent on a World Stage like BBC. It will only take ignoble ilk to think that Komla Dumor does not deserve a tribute from certain quarters for A or B reasons!

So I ask my multimillion dollar question: What is the enormity (magnitude) of Komla Dumor's sin that Rawlings fails to pay him a tribute? What sin is it that he cannot be forgiven even in death? Has Rawlings ever heard of "To err is human and to forgive is divine"? This is not a political epistle, I will not wade through any conjecture of probabilities!

Striking more lines will be a little bit unsavoury on my role model but there is something I cannot skip and I must say it in terms outside the realm of ambivalence: The ultimate will of not to forgive is an attribute of God. Rawlings is not God and he must learn to forgive. In the language of the school teacher, I mean he should grow up! Life is short!

Abdulai Hanan R. Confidence