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Opinions of Monday, 18 January 2016

Columnist: Daily Guide

Enough of the deceit and insults, Mr Opana!

Warmest Greetings, Mr Opana! It’s yet another year and I deem it fit to write to you to discuss some national issues bothering my medulla. Being the democrat that you claim to be, I know you would accommodate my lamentations even if they are useless.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year. I deliberately avoided wishing you success because this is an election year. Wishing you success at the polls would be tantamount to raining more curses on this country and my very self. That is something only a fool would gleefully do; and you know more than anyone else that I’m anything but a fool.

It may seem contradictory to wish you happiness and at the same time wish your failure at the November 7 polls. But the truth is that your defeat at the polls would be a blessing in disguise for you and this country at large. Your defeat will signal the end of pure thievery and wanton looting in the name of governance.

I’m happy to say I did not make the mistake of voting for you in 2012; neither will I make that mistake in 2016. I won’t vote for you because your actions speak louder than your words. Your actions as vice-president and subsequently as president have proven that you are incompetent. Please pardon me for using that word. I know you detest it, but the simple truth is that you are very incompetent. I also know that I’m not one of the two persons qualified to judge you, but I still maintain my stance.

Only an incompetent president will give the kind of excuses you are giving for your refusal to retrieve the Woyome cowries. Just as the sun will rise from the East tomorrow, so I’m sure that you will sooner than later give another excuse for your government’s refusal to retrieve the ‘akomfem’ cowries and the other cowries you wasted on the ‘create, loot and share’ schemes. I can’t help but wonder when you would stop your Kwaku Ananse stories.

Upon second thought, I’m tempted to give you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the incompetence tag. What about the numerous corruption allegations being heaped on your ‘Mugu Yaro’ head? Are they mere allegations?

I remember vividly the challenge you threw to me and your other compatriots to point to a single act of corruption you were engaged in. The Citizen Vigilante accepted the challenge and dared you to deny inflating the price of the Embraer jets and the hangar. Three years have elapsed and we are yet to hear you speak on the matter.

Mr Opana, your silence on this matter is not only deafening, but insightful as well. Do you think by keeping mute your compatriots would forget the matter and allow it to die a natural death? Na lie!

. Contrary to your pronouncement that Ghanaians have very short memories, some of us do have very long ones. For a man who takes delight in responding to all manner of frivolous allegations, your silence on such a serious matter speaks volumes.

Not too long ago you told your compatriots they were not smart. The folks at Smarttys took your advice, colluded with your officials and played a smart one on the state. Why then the order for the 1.9 million cowries refund? Were your officials sleeping when they signed the re-branding contract? Sorry for lampooning you, Sir!

I hear your new name is MR COMPASSION. With all due respect, it is an insult to me and those asking questions about the two Guantanamo detainees for you to doubt our sympathy for others. If you had done your investigations well, you would have realised that we are not crying wolf at all. If you do not know, be informed that the recidivism rate of Guantanamo detainees is very high. For your information, recidivism is the tendency to relapse into a previous criminal behaviour.

Indeed, showing compassion to strangers and those in need is good; but it must be done sensibly. If you are as compassionate as you want us to believe, why don’t you heed the call for Atta Ayi’s release from prison? After all, the bloke is now a born-again Christian and rattles ‘tongues’ like no other.

Lest I forget, the mysterious death of your predecessor has still not been demystified. Wofa Yaw Boateng Gyan was quickly thrown into the dustbin when he threatened to let the obese cat out of the bag. Could that be a sign that your government has something to hide?

Maybe the thoughts expressed in this piece and the cries of the suffering masses are nothing but useless lamentations. But a wise leader will pay heed to the cries of his subjects, even if they are of the useless type.

But I doubt if you will pay heed to our cries. Did you not say that you are a dead-goat? Once again, I remind you that TRAGEDY is the only cry of the goat that has a very sharp knife at his neck!

You definitely would hear from me again before November 7, Deo volente!