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Opinions of Sunday, 1 March 2015

Columnist: Adam & Clement

Enough is enough! Afari gyan must be forced to resign now!

Forum for Progressive Ghana ( FPG ) is calling on the president as a matter of urgency force the chairman of the electoral commission, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan to resign with immediate effect before he cause another financial loss to the nation. The electoral commission' s negligence which led to the cancellation of the entire process of the district assembly elections is totally unacceptable and will be at our own peril if he is allowed to remain at post. If can be recalled, the supreme court cancelled the entire district assembly elections which was scheduled on 3rd March, 2015, four clear days before the election takes place which had cost a huge financial loss to the nation as a result of the negligence of the commission. According to the Supreme Court, the constitutional instrument (CI) 85 had not matured before it was being used to conduct the district assembly elections, is this something the electoral commission could not get it right? If this is not recklessness then we do not know how to describe it. This slackness of the electoral commission had cost not only the nation but those aspirants who went through the procedure a lot.

The forum for progressive Ghana ( FPG ) is of the opinion that the chairman of the electoral commission should be held responsible and must be made to pay for this recklessness dearly. We believe its totally not acceptable and must not be treated with kids gloves. This is the time to hold people responsible for the negligence that causes financial loss to the nation. We are already suffering from massive economic hardship and can not afford to waste our scarce resources on people's recklessness.

After the remiss of the electoral commission which witnessed an unprecedented eight months of election petition in the Supreme Court, which also cost us a lot, one would have thought lessons have been learnt and such administrative and obvious errors will be avoided but no lessons were learnt and they have even gone ahead to engage in illegality which had not only cost us financially but also created a gap in our governance at the local level because the tenure of this current assembly representatives had ended which will create a gap because it will be illegal for them to hold onto their current position when their mandates had finished officially.

The forum for progressive Ghana ( FPG ) is therefore calling on all Ghanaians to support our course of appealing to the president to force the chairman of the electoral commission to resign to save the nation of future financial loss as a result of their negligence.


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Badaru Askanda Adam, Convener, 0270386040

Adu Tino Clement, - P.R.O 0249231158