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Opinions of Monday, 30 May 2016

Columnist: Alexander, Ayogyam

Electoral Commission is intentionally dodging int'l attention

Over the years, Ghana has enjoyed some benefits from the international realm during its election. This time around, the EC is doing everything possible to divert international attention so that they can assist their favourites to deprive well meaning Ghanaians from attaining their legitimate choice.

EC has a diabolic purpose for changing the election date from December 7, to November 7. They did not want Ghanaians to discover this trick so they quickly changed the logo too as a cover up to deceive the good people of this country.

The USA is having its election on November 8 and the EC has intentionally moved Ghana’s own to November 7 to enable them hatch their plans in favour of the master who appointed their boss. It is a fact that the international community’s attention would be on the US election (before, during and after) than any other election.

If this happens, the EC can then hide behind the blind side of the international community to exercise their diabolic plans.

Ghanaians would bear with me that, if the 2012 election could result in such ‘mafia’ under the watch of international community, imagine what 2016 election would be without the international community’s attention at all.

It is said that, ‘if you have once been bitten by a snake, fear would definitely run through your spine when you see a rope lying in the dark’. The 2012 experience has given the international community the course to be extra vigilant during 2016 election that is why the EC want to exclude their attention.

If the EC has no such diabolic plan in changing the date, they should consider a date which is say, one or two weeks after the US election. The EC must know that, if the beauty of election 2016 is marred, the blame would be at their door step because of the date they have chosen.