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Opinions of Friday, 22 August 2008

Columnist: Aidoo, Ato

Elections 08- Kennedy Agyepong and NPP’s Uniqueness

The launching of NPP’s manifesto and introduction of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as Nana Akufo-Addo’s running mate for this year’s presidential election should bring to rest all the wrangling and misunderstanding that characterized the nomination process.

The wish of many opposition political parties has been that, chaos and the incumbent should share the same bed, and like a “bad running story”, it should be able to unsettle courageous minds to make unwise choices that mostly end up being detrimental to the national cause.

Any political party that has no internal problems and disagreements must be operating from the invincible realm, such a party may not be held together by human beings, and angels sing its praises.

If any serious monitor of Ghana’s political landscape thought the selection of a running mate for Nana Akufo-Addo would be received by NPP’s rank and file without some few skirmishes, that individual underestimated interest groups within a political establishment, and how any decision can affect the movement culture within an organization.

This assertion explains why NPP’s Member of Parliament for Assin-North, Kennedy Agyepong, can come out vociferously to raise objections to a decision by the NPP’s National Executive Committee, but later participates fully in the out-dooring of Dr. Bawumia at Takoradi in the Western part of Ghana.

The NPP is unique in many ways. It is gradually defining sane political principles, acceptability, and inclusion in Ghana, while Kennedy Agyepong’s demeanor personifies the character of a true party member that must not be taken for granted.

Agyepong “speaks his mind” without fear or favor, and when the need arises (when it matters most) contributes effectively to make his party thick.

The NPP is “moving forward” with the good people of Ghana, people who are not afraid to publicize their opinion, their association with a political party strengthened through their comments, for which their “sleeping places would not be changed”, even if there are disagreements.

People would not be rounded up during the night and shot as in the case of the three high court judges who were brutally murdered by the (P) NDC government.

The umbrella (a symbol of the P-NDC) is a useful product when it is raining or it is sunny, but when it is used in the night when it is not raining, or sunny, it raises many critical questions. The politically-savvy should reveal the ramifications, and “share the word”, as it would be an insult to suggest that Ghanaians endorse brutality, and would want to “re-invent it”. “We are moving forward”.

The truth is that, under the current democratic dispensation in Ghana, the New Patriotic Party is the best political grouping that holds the key to leading our homeland to an “African Mecca” where the people would be free to capitalize on the opportunities within the economy for their own good.

And by declaration of the “winning team” comprising Nana Akufo-Addo & Mahamudu Bawumia, foot soldiers of this great party, and all those involved in the campaign, the uniqueness of the NPP has been illuminated once again, announcing to Ghanaians that it is more than ready to take Ghana to the next level of economic expansion.

Ghanaians should accept “them”, as the party continues to stay focus on its core values – development in freedom, social and economic empowerment, education and infrastructure development, health, improved agriculture practices, as well as the creation of an environment where a party card would not guarantee everything, but a recognition of hard work, honesty, a call to national duty, and “seizing the opportunity to better yourself”.

In Kennedy Agyepong, for instance, an appearance of partisan immobility has been showcased and it is imperative, that people who also “believe in Ghana” support Nana Akufo-Addo to become the next president of Ghana, leaving detractors and people who have much to do about nothing to concentrate on insults, perpetuation of lies, and profanity.

We have an enviable guide - that the beauty of our democracy further manifests itself in our determination to choose the right people who can manage the affairs of this great country to our satisfaction, as we remind others not to respond to the “far cry” for war and mayhem if the NPP humbly wins the people’s mandate to govern come January 2009.

In the same way, Ghanaians should not add value to such pronouncements from the likes of Dr.Kwesi Jonah, a political scientist, who continues to “philosophize” about Dr. Bawumia’s political pedigree and maturity.

People should be mindful of the confusion, and push closer to the realization, that “no individual was born a politician. Politicians are products of the society; they are, indeed, mortal men and women who have studied organizational behavior, “equipping themselves with tools that help them relate well to people in a more functional way”.

“We are moving forward”, for which some people may decide not to join the bandwagon and rightly so. But surely, we are leaving behind the relics of a darker revolutionary, de facto, and disguised democratic chapter. This is non-negotiable in our quest to welcome an Akufo-Addo/Bawumia partnership for the good of our homeland.

Pundits say in the NPP government, “Good beads do not talk”, may be, they are guided by the belief that Ghanaians should not be subdued while expressing themselves freely.

Yes. The people should be free, but the government must be “touting” its achievements.

These achievements help in diverse ways to educate the people so that they can make informed choices, though it is boldly written in Ghana’s political book of life that it is highly impossible for the people to replace the freedoms they are now enjoying with the old (P) NDC nemesis.

After all, bad decision-making was not nurtured with the Ghanaian in mind, our complex nature notwithstanding.

Author, formerly of the features desk, Daily Graphic, Accra, Ghana