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Opinions of Monday, 28 December 2020

Columnist: Bobby Cqwecu

Election 2020 fallouts: Jean Mensah must render unqualified public apologies

Jean Mensa is Electoral Commission Chair Jean Mensa is Electoral Commission Chair


People use the name of God and his Son Jesus for anything. People blasphemy God on daily basis and this has run down the reverence we ought to give our Lord God and his son Jesus Christ, indeed the Trinity. These days the integrity and awe for the Trinity has been reduced to curse words.

There is so much Churchianity but very little authentic Christianity. It is high profile people like Ghana's Electoral Commission Chairwoman Jean Mensah. It's people like outgoing President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo thanking God for the victory he intellectually, spiritually, and morally knows he has INTENTIONALLY STOLEN.

It's people like high ranking Religious NPP members and sympathizers thanking God for giving them the victory they have STOLEN. It's people like peace and religious council executives exhorting their members to pray for peaceful elections when they KNEW they have compromised the process that would result in peace. When they KNEW they have been bribed yet carrying themselves out as if everything was normal.

It's those high profile church members from media and civil society who received bribes to keep mute and project FALSEHOOD. It is those Religious justices of the judiciary, of the Armed Forces and Police Service who compromised their religious ethics to not only condone CRIMINALITY but make sure the criminals have their way.

How then do you expect the average person to take Christianity seriously? And who will the God and Lord whose credibility and integrity you threw to the dogs hold responsible and accountable? Judgment is not just a mere word of fantasy in the Bible. It is an ACTION-PACKED word whose power is far-reaching and irreversible.

It's high time Ghanaians stopped practicing Churchianity (fake Christianity) and be AUTHENTIC. The politicians you have compromised your moral integrity to today will not help you on JUDGEMENT DAY. The children of the peaceful country your greed is reducing to ruins today will curse you FOREVER and their God who abhors injustice, robbery, lying, and oppression of the poor(Is61:8), will surely hear them and respond quickly to their prayers.

There is yet time for you all to REPENT, starting from Jean Mensah, and avert the looming catastrophe on your country if you truly love God more than a political party if you truly love your country more than a tribal party. Time to offer unqualified public apologies to your God, Ghana, the millions you have helped to be cheated, and the international community.

A stitch in time saves 9.