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Opinions of Sunday, 31 July 2016


Eight things your husband needs everyday

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Marriage is a give and take arrangement. The success of your marriage depends on not only how much you get from your husband but also how much you give to him in return.

Here’s a look into things he needs from you every day;


Men show their love for the special women in their lives in many different ways. Some spend their time, others invest their money. For the average man though, love from his woman is best shown by her showing gratitude for the little things that he does for her. Thank him for that box of chocolates he bought you last month. Thank him for keeping you safe.

Smiles and laughter

They say that the success of a man is measured by the size of the smile of the women standing next to him. Your man wants to know everyday that he can make you happy.

Your mind – women love mind games

The men in their lives hate them. Your man wishes that he would know exactly what was on your mind every single day without having to guess.


Before he can love you, your man wants you to love yourself. In doing so, you will adequately take care of yourself both physically and emotionally and in turn, you will be easier to love.


No one is perfect. Your man will never be the exact man you want him to be. He knows it and he wishes every day that you would know that he is trying.

A safe refuge

Life is hard out there. What every man wants everyday is for the women in his life to make their home a safe refuge. He wants the home to be the one place he can come and de-stress, not add onto the stress.


Like I said, it is a harsh world out there. It is a jungle in which only the very best survive. Your man is out there everyday. He wishes that you would speak words of kindness and praise to him instead of criticism. He already is aware of his failings. There is no need to remind him at every waking moment.


men have deep insecurities just like women. Your man needs to know that you still think he is the most handsome man to ever walk the face of the earth.