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Opinions of Thursday, 23 June 2011

Columnist: Danesi, Ismail A

Educated Ignorants

Author: Ismail Danesi
Date: 21-06-2011

There is one thing we Africans must get into our THICK SKULL; we are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the westerners and other foreigners because Africa is unique. Until we get that into our supposedly educated brains, we can never move forward!

Firstly, countries in Africa are NATIONS with nations within. It is, like it was during the age of the Empires in Europe before countries like Italy, Holland; etc emerged from the disentanglement or disbandment of the various Empires after so many wars in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

When these Europeans came to Africa, they set up the same thing they had before, which is what we still have today in Africa; countries with nations within and we have not been clever enough to realise this was done to divide our peoples; since politics is about divide and rule - keep them at each other's throats while we take the spoil, and this is why Africa WILL NEVER develop, until our Educated Ignorant leaders realise that they have been fooled by this thing called 'Democracy'!

Take the example of France and England; they are divided by twenty-two miles of water and they speak different languages. This is why they are both independent nations because they are divided by language, culture, and traditions! In Africa, we have villages or towns as far apart as 80 miles, speak different languages, have different cultures and traditions and yet they are still within the same country; can you all educated guys get the jist of the underlining factor in our problem - Neo-Colonialism!

All the governments in Africa were left with Neo-Colonialism governments. The elected government of the day became the new colonial masters and enjoyed the same privileges the old white colonial masters enjoyed! The new leaders did not find it necessary to change the system since they were enjoying the benefits of the system. This is why we have tribal disturbances in Africa; religious conflicts; and the so called divisive DEMOCRACY. We must get it into our scull that the white man's democracy system is not RIGHT for Africa; we must find our own system that suits us and will stop the divide and rule the whites have put in place in order to continue to have free voluntary slave trade, perpetrated by poverty; and the acquisition of our cheap natural resources!

Do you guys know how much it costs the government to conduct the supposedly western style democracy? A lot of money that could change the lives of so many in Africa!

The debate about whether Nkrumah was a dictator or not is neither here nor there since we never saw the outcome of his experiment! He was right though that there should be a one party state; a one party state not controlled by the Center but by the peoples of the Villages, Towns, and Cities! This is well explained in a new book I have just read about Africa -SHINE YOUR EYES MAMA AFRICA. When you have ONE PARTY operating at all levels, there is a divisive element taken out of the concept of divide and rule. We are now left with Tribal and Religious divides which we are able to manage at the Village, Town and City levels instead of the Central Government level. The Villages, Towns, and Cities will all be AUTONOMOUS and send representatives to the Central Government. These Representatives WILL elect the LEADER of the country just as a BOARD elects the Chairman of the management committee. With this system in place, power will be shared all around from the Village Level to the Central Level. All the tribal in-fighting will stop and the country will move ahead as one since power resides at all levels! THIS IS THE TRUE DEMOCRACY FOR AFRICA!

I know some of you are already asking how this will be financed. It will be financed by tax revenues and incomes from our natural resources. Also, this is why we have Central Banks; to finance all government projects just like the USA and the other big boys were doing during this recession, which they referred to as Quantitative Easing while they ask our leaders to borrow money from the World Bank and IMF, so that the White Institutions can impose their Structural Realignment/Readjustment Programs on our poor nations. They will ask them to retrench workers and increase taxation! THIS IS WHY WE STILL NEED TO BLAME THE WHITE FOLKS!

Why are Singapore, Malaysia, and China doing so well? The answer is because they IGNORED the World Bank and IMF! Your leaders will not do that because THEY ARE GETTING A CUT OF ANY LOANS FROM THESE TWO BODIES while SELLING the LIVES of their peoples to the white folks, by giving some; Green Cards and Professional status to go and work abroad. These are those who should be at home to help develop Africa. This was just like they did when they took our able bodied men and girls to their worlds as SLAVES but now; I see it all as Voluntary Slavery!

We must shine our eyes because we have been brainwashed with religions, to look at the white folks as our saviours; therefore when they give us the Green Card and the Visas to go to their countries, we see it as a divine thing and cry "Praise Jesus and Mohammed"; we are FOOLS!

I once asked a government minister, during a debate about poverty, what would happen if poverty was eradicated in Africa and our peoples do not come to the West for jobs any longer. He could not give me an answer to the question, therefore, my African brothers and sisters, we must form alliances or acquire nuclear weapons otherwise, the Slave Trade will be revived if the West can not get cheap labour and natural resources; mark my words, I may not be around but because my mind is free and been enlightened, I know this is what is going to happen unless we start doing something right now about that eventuality!

They say the only book the black man reads is either the Bible or the Koran; and according to them, if you want to keep secrets away from the black folks, it should be kept in books since we do not read them! Please make sure you get a copy of the enlightening book, Shine Your Eyes Mama Africa: memoir of an enlightened African. I find it very interesting and factual; very entertaining, well presented, and actually took me back and got me introspecting about my own life and how my parents had brainwashed me with their Moslem faith! All the best my brothers and sisters and take a deep breath after you have read this. Investigate it on the Internet if there is any doubt as Budha said, 'do not believe anything until you have investigated it and can sincerely believe it is acceptable, then you should accept it' - this has been paraphrased! Peace & Love


Check out the book here. You can read excerpts from the book on Amazon. You may also be able to read others pages. Check out the Chapter about “Ifs”.