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Opinions of Thursday, 19 November 2009

Columnist: Biakoye, Nana

Thank God Damoah Has Been Axed!!! (Part 11)

Last week Thursday, I asked those who read me to stay glued as I make inroads into the sordid story of the unprofessional activities of a certain Col Kwadwo Damoah, who has been axed from the Ghana Armed Forces because of the extent to which he misconducted himself during the period of the NPP.

The said Kwadwo Damoah, instead of hiding his shame after being axed from the Army, has rather chosen to hide behind Ken Kuranchie’s non-selling Daily Searchlight in general, and a certain poodle called Prince Prah in particular, and writing senseless articles insulting celebrated Generals and other serving officers.

Unfortunately, for Damoah, we have intercepted scripts that he authored in his handwriting insulting the generals and his colleague officers, and that is the reason why some of us have declared “war” on Kwadwo Damoah, and we shall make sure that by the time this war is over, Damoah will wish that he was never born. I heard Effah Dartey say last week that, those who are hitting Damoah should put an end to what we are doing and allow Damoah to live a peaceful life. I laugh!!!

We should allow Damoah to live a peaceful life huh?

Is Damoal allowing Lt. General Smith, Major General Adinkrah, Air Vice Marshall Dovlo, Lt. Col Gbevlo Lartey, Lt. Col Attachie and co, to live a peaceful life? Effah Dartey; he is the lawyer for Damoah isn’t it? So why has he not advised his client to stop writing silly things about his superior officers and colleagues, but is asking that we allow Damoah to live in peace? Has Effah Dartey forgotten that it does not make sense to throw stones if you live in a glass house?

Well, Damoah has chosen to throw stones from his glass house and some of us are responding with hard rocks. And honestly, we are not regretting at all that we are throwing vary hard rocks at this character called Kwadwo Damoah.

In Part 1 of my take on Damoah, I said that at the right time, I will ask Damoah to respond to certain questions which border on gross immorality on his part as a serving officer.

Indeed, in Part 1, I asked certain questions, and today, I am going to continue asking Damoah certain pertinent questions as regards lots of immoral things he is alleged to have done while in uniform.

Now let us go to the questions.

Can Kwadwo Damoah deny that he employed some unqualified women to work as analysts at the Defense Intelligence section, and that those women were employed purposely to be comforters for Damoan and his colleague NPP officers? Can Kwadwo Damoah deny that he knows a certain Elaine Zena Ameyibor and Janet Owusu-Amponsah? Can Kwadwo Damoah please tell us the kind of relationship that he and his colleague Martin Owusu-Ababio had with the above-named women? What about Sriboe; was he not part of Damoah’s ring that turned female soldiers into sex machines?

There is a certain hotel in Dzorwulu called Adesko Hotel; can Kwadwo Damoah tell us whether he knows the hotel and whether or not he frequents room 17/18 of the said hotel with some of the women he has gotten into the Ghana Armed Forces? Can Damoah tell us whether or not he visited the said hotel with a certain Sena on August 31, 2006, the birthday of Sena?

Did Damoah not attempt to rape Sena and it took the resilience of the lady to run away from Damoah?

Can Damoah tell us whether or not he visited the said hotel with Yaa “A” and Gloria “S” on different occasions for the purpose of using them as “comforters”? Can Kwadwo Damoah tell us whether or not he knows a certain Madam Elizabeth Bawuah who lives at No 52 Burma Terrace; and whether or not he had an affair with a young house-help who used to live with Madam Bawuah?

Can Damoah tell us whether or not after having an affair with the house-help, and out of shame after he was caught in the act, he procured a vise for the young girl, Mary Boateng, to go and hide in the UK? And whether or not the visa was acquired in Tel Aviv?

Can Damoah tell us whether or not in furtherance of his sexcapades, he turned himself into a marriage counselor and that he made it his hobby to be mediating in marriages that had problems?

Can Damoah tell us whether or not as a self-styled marriage counselor, he did not cause the collapse of the marriages of one Derrick Oduro and Yaw Okyere Agyekum because of some untoward happenings between Damoah and the wives of the names mentioned? We have more questions for Damoah but will stop here for today as we have served notice that we have waged a serious war on Damaoh and will devote all our pages to him if the need arises. Honestly, Damaoh has touched a raw nerve in us and he will regret that he ever went down such a stupid and reckless road. PS. Is it true that after my first publication, Damoah was all over the place crying like a baby and saying that some people want to destroy his reputation? Reputation indeed!!!

If it is true, then I am telling Damoah that “he ain’t seen nothing yet”. Yes, if Damoah was thinking that he will get away with his gross idiocy of insulting celebrated Generals as well as his colleagues, then he must be the biggest fool walking the earth’s surface.

If Damoah wants this war to end, then he must stop hiding behind Prince Prah and writing those foolish things.

If Damoah does not stop, then he can rest assured that we will come with guns blazing and we can assure Damoah that he will regret that he was born.

Nana Biakoye