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Opinions of Monday, 18 July 2016

Columnist: A.R. Gomda

EC Chairperson will prove critics wrong

One of the five female Commissioners of the Electoral Commission (EC) last Saturday painted a bright picture of her boss Charlotte Osei whom she said took up the job because she wants to make a point that women are capable of delivering on their assignments.

She allayed the fears being entertained in some quarters about the integrity of the EC Chairman explaining that her boss is passionate about the quality of the responsibility bestowed upon her and to this end would not fail the nation.

Madam Sa’Adat Maida was speaking as one of the three all-women resource persons at a Muslim women conference organised by Oheneyere Gifty Anti’s ‘Standpoint’ feminist initiative to commemorate its eighth anniversary in Accra.

The EC Commissioner who set the ground rules even delving into the theme “The Muslim Woman: Promoting Peace and Development” of the engagement said “I am not speaking here as a Commissioner but as a woman.”

According to her, “Charlotte accepted the position of EC Chairman to prove the capabilities of women. When there is any slightest crisis at the Commission it is we the women who act as stabilizers” adding that whoever wins the polls would be declared the winner.

She explained that but for the importance of the subject she would not have honoured the invitation given the sensitive nature of her assignment. Her reference to the integrity of the EC therefore was only to allay the apprehension about the Commission and the Chairperson who has made countless negative headlines.

Madam Sa’ Adat Maida told her teeming mostly women audience that her colleague commissioners serve as stabilizers at the Commission when the going gets tough.

Madam Charlotte Osei as a typical woman would not do anything that would disturb the peace of this country.

As a woman previously engaged in peace-building when she was engaged in the activities of the West African Network for Peace Building, her passion for this virtue was not in doubt when she sought the support of women in ensuring peace in the country especially during the forthcoming polls.

Peace she said is required for sustaining development and charged women not to encourage the youth to be wayward and to act in manners which would be detrimental to the maintenance of peace in the country.

The woman she said “is a peacemaker, a coach as she imparts skills to others” adding that women are very crucial in the electoral process. “If all women decide not to vote there would be no election. Men constitute only 48 percent of the population. Do your best and come out in your numbers to check your names in the voters’ exhibition” she said.