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Opinions of Saturday, 22 July 2017

Columnist: Rockson Adofo

EC Boss Impeachment: Who do the NDC think they are?

Charlotte Osei is Chairperson of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei is Chairperson of the Electoral Commission

I read with utmost regret the exhibition of cluelessness, incompetence, and utter selfishness if not complete stupidity, by the NDC faithful over the looming investigation of the Chair of the Ghana Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, for impeachment if indeed she had committed the accusatory crimes.

They are audaciously shamelessly warning President Nana Akufo-Addo against any concurrence by him to have Mrs Charlotte Osei investigated as sought by some supposedly-faceless petitioners who are also junior staff members at the Electoral Commission.

Read the contents of the underlying web link to know more about the NDC’s stance on the Charlotte Osei saga.

What special relationship is there between Mrs Charlotte Osei and the NDC that makes the NDC guys always jump to support her even if she was behaving irresponsibly criminally or being obstinately unprofessional? There is no wonder that many a Ghanaian with me included does believe that she is tilted more towards the NDC than maintaining neutrality and impartiality according to the nature and demands of her office.

I have no time dwelling on the insanity of the NDC, especially, that of the NDC Members of Parliament who should know better. They call themselves legislators and see themselves as able and capable of making laws to govern the nation yet, they are the first to come out vociferously to register their opposition to investigating crimes to find solutions to deter the reoccurrence of such crimes to make Ghana a better and prosperous nation for the collective benefit of all.

If Mrs Charlotte Osei has done all the things attributed to her by the petitioners, what the heck is the NDC rallying support for her in an effort to obstruct justice from being done to the State and the people of Ghana? Do we sit on the fence while she goes scot free after committing all those crimes because she was appointed by then President Mahama from the NDC camp hence she must be untouchable? Is it what the NDC are trying to convey to the attention of the people of Ghana?

When in government, the NDC had their way with all the nonsensical practice of selective justice, obvious partisanship of the security forces, masterminding and perpetration of institutional corruption, etc.; and now that they are in opposition, they still want to have their way by dictating to the ruling NPP government and discerning Ghanaians.

I support 100% without mincing words, the investigation and impeachment of Mrs Charlotte Osei if indeed the accusations levelled against her are credible. Should she be left off the hook because of the silly agitations by the NDC?

Why is a section of the population that is principally the lawless and corrupt NDC faithful demanding that she be let off the hook even if she had committed those crimes? What do they mean to tell us, the discerning Ghanaians? What have they to lose when the woman is called before an investigative panel to exonerate herself from the blame or when found guilty, be prosecuted?

I am always peeved to hear people in Ghana say, “Ghana deE saa”, meaning this is the way of doing things in Ghana, even though their method is usually corruptive and out of sync with acceptably civilized international order. This is what the NDC and all those rallying support for Charlotte Osei against her being investigated and probably impeached are portraying.

When someone steals a goat, sheep, fowl or farm produce, the person is prosecuted and jailed for years of up to ten in some cases. This is the ongoing situation in Ghana where the judges could hardly be understood by some of us residing abroad. These same judges and/or the security forces oftentimes set free or do nothing to top civil servants and politicians who embezzle millions of Cedis of taxpayers’ money. Does this make any sense at all? No, it doesn’t!

Ghana is not for the NDC alone so they should stop dictating to us. The NDC must not be allowed to hoodwink President Nana Akufo-Addo, the ruling NPP government and the people of Ghana by their machismo posture and chirping nonsensicalities.

Additionally, I disagree with all those claiming that investigating and probably impeaching Mrs Charlotte Osei even if she had committed the alleged crimes could bring trouble to Ghana. What troubles will her inquisition cause to Ghana? Does it mean that she is too powerful so she should be allowed to commit crimes with impunity?

If her office is neutral, does it grant her the licence to do as she wants when she wants as the allegations against her seem to prove? Her office is independent and neutral from any institution in Ghana so she must be left alone to commit her big and petty crimes against the nation and the people of Ghana with impunity. Is it what her supporters are trying to tell me?

I disagree with anyone suggesting that she should not be investigated because of the potency of such an action causing problems to Ghana. I am ready to take anyone on intellectual debate on this particular issue. Should we yield in to such propositions and threats, then we shall be creating monsters in the nation for them to finally turn on us to devour.

It is about time we did away with such retrogressive attitudes or else, Ghana will never move forward.

I listened to Kwadwo Asare Baffour Acheampong (KABA), a radio programme presenter online on Friday, 21 July 2017 afternoon. He is notorious for his hatred towards the NPP but a sympathiser of the NDC. He asked Nana Obiri Boahene, the Deputy General Secretary of NPP, during an on air interview if the NPP were not behind the petitioners that have complained about the financial malfeasance and other crimes allegedly committed by Mrs Charlotte Osei.

In case the NPP were behind and instigating the petitioners for any reason at all, the question I am asking KABA and his host of NDC faithful is, has the woman committed the alleged crimes or not? If she had, what should we do about it? Should we brush it under the carpet and let her carry on as if nothing untoward had happened?

I hope people will stop politicizing crimes to get people off the hook to the detriment of the nation.

I support the thorough looking into of the accusations against her to determine whether they are facts and truth and if they are, then the appropriate legal action that will serve as deterrence to would-be corrupt highly-placed civil servants must be taken against her irrespective of her office being independent and neutral. The independence and the neutrality of her office do not make her any Omnipotent to breach the laws of the land with impunity.

Even though I had decided to quit the internet if it is about Ghana politics, I still have to let my poor voice be heard on this Charlotte Osei saga.

We are all going to direct our efforts to sensitizing Ghanaians to the causes and problems that continue to make Ghana the poor country as we see today even though it abounds in rich natural resources/mineral wealth. Captain Smart of Adom FM has started such sensitization and hopefully, it will not take long to gain the desired momentum to deal heavy blows to those perpetrating and supporting crimes in Ghana.

The corruption and the type of nonsense supportive of by the NDC will come to an end, I must assure Ghanaians. The flame of the torch lit by Captain Smart is what will guide the mobilisation of Ghanaian masses and encourage them to resort to civil agitations to rid Ghana of the endemically devastating corruption that has made many a Ghanaian poor and a laughing stock in the eyes of our civilized white contemporaries.