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Opinions of Sunday, 31 January 2016

Columnist: Agbenu, Charles

E.R 'varsity at Somanya is voodoo development

I am not from Eastern region. But I aver that, Mahama government has not been fair to the region. I am a Ghanaian who thinks our developmental pattern should be national, economic, systematic and technical. It is good to have a vision to build Public Universities in every region at this time of our lives. But it should be done without emotions but with common sense—thank you ,Bishop Bonsu.

The criticism of Abuakwa South MP, Hon Atta Akyea of the location of the E. Region University at Somanya is in order. I do not know him but I love his point. As usual the NDC and their cohorts are reading tribalism into the criticism. I dare say NDC are rather exposed badly as tribalists of the highest order on this issue. Siting of the ER university at Somanya was a damnable unilateral decision taken by the divisionist NDC government to please Krobos for votes. As usual NDC took the decision without proper consultation with the chiefs and people of the region. They hid the idea, secretly nursed it and released it at the last minute as a stinking surprise---Guantanamo detainees style. To me it is provocative and unpopular. Thumbs up, Hon Ata Akyea to openly criticise the idea.

Seriously technically, Kroboland is part of the Accra plains.- a congested area. Any decentralisation policy should dictate that the facility should not be located near choked Accra. Somanya is near Accra and cannot be said to be suitable. That does not mean Somanya is not part of the region as some wicked NDC goons and rabble rousers seem to interpret the issue.
Accra already has several tertiary institutions. Are NDC following a balanced, economic national developmental plan? Everything with NDC is emotional, political, takashie and bugabuga- just to get votes.

NDC don't believe in scientific development. They rather do ethnocentric development and turn round to accuse those who criticise them as rather ethnocentric. Damn NDC. Ghana suffers. I am disgusted. For instance, in their warped mind, NDC prioritise Tamale International airport over the more economic Kumasi airport. There is no economic bases for their wild antics to develop Tamale airport first, but they are doing everything to push the idea down our throats in our national transportation development schemes – whether good whether bad.

Similarly, they have frantically put Eastern Corridor road as a priority hoping to relegate Accra –Kumasi road to the background. They lie. The history behind the road is too big. In any proper national plan, Accra-Kumasi-Techiman road should be made a double road or dual road, as a national priority judging from the traffic presence. It is a pity Kufuor's dream was decimated by the propagandists and hollow-minded NDC. With NDC, their thinking is different. Economic development is not in their lexicon.They do their own thing to please a section of the people. Their development options don't give Ghana accelerated development. No wonder, despite their so-called great infrastructural developments, the overall economic growth is nothing to write home about. Where do NDC want to take Ghana? And take note, with very little resources at its disposal, Kufuor govt's investment options lifted the overall economic growth consistently to very high levels. The difference has shown. Assuming the shoe were on the other foot and without consultation with chiefs and people of Volta, an NPP govt had unilaterally sited Volta Region University at Kpandu, or Jasikan, there would have been an uproar in the Region.
Seriously, NDC have not been fair to Eastern Region. If for some reasons, Koforidua the regional capital would not have it, Bunso Agricultural College would have been considered. I would even have suggested Akim Oda – to help develop and open up the negected Birim area. I wonder always, the people of Birim. Are they part of Ghana? They don't have roads. They don't have good hospitals. They don't have any tertiary institution. They don't have nothing. It would have been a glorious opportunity for any forward looking government to let the peole of this economy-rich area to be brought into the mainstream of national honour. I cry for Birim. I cry for Eastern Region.

Kwawuland could also have been considered but for the fact that Presbyterian University is opening up the area. Broad consultations, with the people would have revealed that any part of the region but in Accra Plains would not be preferred in the name of decentralization, in pursuit of national interests and scientific integration. Somanya surely cant be said to be the deal. The noises being made by Krobo Youth who are up in arms against Atta Akyea that, he does not respect Krobos are ugly and misplaced. Ata Akyea did a great duty and from the standpoint of economic development, pointed out the grave mistake. It was no hatred. I am disappointed in the Krobo Youth to fall to NDC bogus sentiments.

For the information of readers, soon Appolonia, in the same Accra plains, is earmarked to be built into a city to add up to the congestion and pressure in the area. Prampram international airport and Olympic size sports stadium are also in the offing. Why always Accra, Accra, Accra, Accra. The same corridor.
I hold that the decision to site the Eastern region University at Somanya is propagandist and an extension of the NDC wicked divisionist political plan to spite the Region and areas friendly to NPP, for votes. Damn NDC.
Hon Atta Akyea sounded bold and objective and has rightly condemned the NDC parochialism, misjudgement and weird investment option. He is my man.

Charles Agbenu