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Opinions of Saturday, 28 November 2015

Columnist: Daily Guide

Dumsor propaganda

A few days ago Ghanaians had the displeasure of reading the written exchanges between the Power Ministry and the Ghana Gas Company.

Each of them sought to distance itself from the current increased dumsor in the country but in the event, sent an important message to Ghanaians – confusion in the management of power in the country.

Hon KT Hammond is reported to have asked for the ouster of the PRO of Ghana Gas Company because according to him, his (PRO’s) written reaction exposed him as incompetent in managing information pertaining to his organisation.

The confusion that has bedevilled electricity supply in the country is beyond the inconsistencies between the written exchanges of two state organisations. The disagreement though compounds the challenge and ridicules those at the helm.

We do not fault KT Hammond’s demand because we understand that like other Ghanaians, he said it out of frustration over the seeming state of hopelessness the country is in today.

For Ghanaians, it is about the worsening situation of power supply in the country and the grim prospects of the coming days, weeks or even months, the arrival of the power barge notwithstanding.

We are unable, as things stand now, to believe the words that originate from state agencies, their resorting to feeding Ghanaians with lies now a feature of their operations.

For the past few days most homes have lost valuable foodstuff in their fridges and suffering untold challenges as a result of incessant unpredictable power outages.

The challenges households are facing come nowhere near what industries are going through as a result of their declining fortunes. Most of them are unable to retain their workforce. The accompanying layoff is something which has dealt terrible blows to families whose breadwinners are no longer able to sustain their responsibilities. When the number of delinquents appreciates and more teenagers get pregnant, we can point fingers at the situation engendered by the layoff occasioned by jerky power supply to factories.

Yet in spite of the self-inflicted challenges, propaganda is still playing a part in the interfacing between the government and the governed.

Government is frankly on the back-foot and must wake up to the numerous problems of the nation. Ghanaians are suffering and need to be assured sincerely about when they should expect a change in their fortunes.

We have heard enough from government about what it is doing to reverse the negative situation we are in today. We have been told that the arrival of the barges is not a guarantee that we shall have adequate power supply. Yet in spite of the reality as presented to Ghanaians by energy experts, government through its dubious assigns dangles a different picture.

Unfortunately for them, truth being one shall always overshadow lies. Until then the darkness continues.