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Opinions of Friday, 15 May 2015

Columnist: AFAG Leadership

Dumsor Vigil; Positive step

When the citizenry and Civil Societies Organisations react to the actions and inaction of governments, such reactions are a direct result of concern about the insufficient attention given to critical issues affecting the citizenry. The problem of lack of power for Ghanaians businesses and domestic consumption has lingered on for over three years resulting in loss of jobs, collapse of businesses with its attendant unemployment.

Lives and properties have been lost as a result of the irrational power curtailment. The unfortunate thing in this our predicament is the myriad of failed promises by President Mahama and his minister for power, which give no hope to Ghanaians. Appointees of the President, supported by his energy minister and the notorious ''boys with iron teeth'' have resorted to insulting any individual or group who dare complain about this obvious dereliction of duty by the government and the consequences of their failure on the economy.

After all the numerous failed promises on the part of President Mahama, there is no doubt that, the usually politically inactive Ghanaian celebrity have waded into the fray.

President Mahama and his government have slept for too long on this issue. AFAG appreciates the gesture of the celebrities to organize a vigil to drive home the long trumpeted message that; "Mr President fix the DUMSOR ".

Businesses are failing. Thousands of workers are being laid off and the economy is in dire challenges. AFAG believes in the spirit of the DUMSOR Vigil. We therefore supports the organizers of the Vigil and calls on all well meaning Ghanaians; ice water sellers, welders, hairdressers, students, barbers etc. to join the Dumsor Virgil on Saturday 16th May 2015.

We urge the Greater Accra regional police command not to put any impediment the way of the organizers.

AFAG would want to advice the organizers to put in place adequate security measures and precautions to protect sympathizers attending the vigil.