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Opinions of Saturday, 7 October 2006

Columnist: Folson, Ako

Dr. Spio Garbrah and Others….Here it is……

As several presidential aspirants start muscling their way into the political terrain, this article seeks to challenge all aspirants, but especially Dr. Spio Garbarah to present true personal leadership. One that clearly defines his wealth of knowledge and skills to govern, manage and lead, of which each requires a different skill.

This article seeks to address positions or statements from Dr. Spioh Garbrah, such as "I tread where angels fear to tread," Dr Spio-Garbrah said and that he could not be daunted by Ghana's problems. ....Asked if he was intimidated by the country's myriad of problems including high population growth, low moral values and corruption, Mr. Spio-Garbrah said he rather felt challenged.” Posted on Ghanaweb

This article again draws heavily on statements extracted from several remarks attributed to Dr. Spio Garbarah, with particular reference to....“Being aware of the qualities Ghanaians want to see in their next president and knowing that we lost elections in December 2000 and December 2004 partly because the majority of Ghanaians did not find the candidate we presented acceptable to them, it only makes sense that the NDC should consider a new, fresh, dynamic, more youthful but experienced candidate.’’

In all the remarks not once do I hear about opportunities. I hear non-substantiated remarks such as “I tread where angels fear to tread...” In placing himself as a fit, for the “…new, fresh, dynamic, more youthful but experienced candidate.” What does Dr. Spio Garbarah mean?

Are these just broad words with no real meaning? How are you new? Are you unique? If so state how. Fresh? How? When you are an old politician? If you have fresh ideas put them out and make your own comparison as to how your thoughts now differ from your past thoughts? The world has definitely moved on since your last term of service in Ghanaian politics. Youthful? What does that have to do with anything? Experienced? Here is where you want to come up with your brand…the progressive person you have made yourself to be…speaking to the people on your merit and what you see in terms of transforming what we have as a nation ( as opposed to what we do not have) under your leadership.

Finding the right values that Ghanaians seek in a new president may require research but this opinion will be offered free of charge to any aspirant, in order for the so-called ‘new-breed’ to have something to work it.

A quality we seek in our new president is as follows: In your campaigns refrain from talking about solving problems. Talk about creating opportunity. Innovation and vision are relevant leadership traits for any person seeking to hold the highest office in Ghana.

Problems exist in every sphere of life in our country, Ghana, like many other countries. The challenge leadership has is to have foresight and enough knowledge and resources to harness our ‘problems’ and turn them into opportunities.

For any leader to talk about solving problems we are probably talking about a reactionary visionless leader. He or she waits for things to occur before they react. This is not a quality we seek.

This is not what we want in a leader. Rather, we want a progressive, confident but highly sophisticated leader who has knowledge of the position of Ghana in the global context and has a broad view of contemporary issues facing the world. Ghana’s success will come when we are able to leverage our resources and position within the global context at any one time or period.

From a dynamic position, The ‘New-Breed’ leadership must tell us where they can create opportunities. We want to know your depth of knowledge on contemporary Ghana. What do you see and how do you see yourself carving out opportunities from what we have. This sort of thinking is what will drive our society forward.

At this point as no one aspiring presidential candidate has even taken this road or approach, it may be appropriate to put them all in the same pot and describe them all as non-progressive leaders. They have not caught up with the new requirements of leadership and for that matter what it takes to create success in a developing country hungry for growth and recognition.

Dr. Spio Garbrah may go through all the formalities of conducting the appropriate research, but all other political aspirants seeking the vote of Ghanaians must realize that every candidate must present a unique position because it is this uniqueness that we seek as a trait in a new leader.

We are not looking for refurbished ideologies and individuals who talk about ideologies with no regard for results. We are staring at that in today’s leadership and it is simply disgusting.

With respect to seeking the highest position in Ghana, as I have said in an article prior, PLEASE, time wasters need not apply!!!!! Spare the whole nation the embarrassment if you do not have what it takes because this time around, every utterance will be dissected and scrutinized.

In finding an acceptable candidate, one must understand that past and present governments have all had their success and failures. The future leadership needs to know that this is the benchmark that will seek to define their uniqueness and values sought in our future leadership. Spending time talking about failed policies and the likes, in itself will not create opportunity and as such, one would be advised to strategically spend time on issues of relevance with respect to our future.

Take cue and will the real leaders stand up and be counted!!!!!!!

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