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Opinions of Friday, 18 February 2011

Columnist: Kyei-Mensah-Osei, Kofi

Dr Omane Boamah is Schizophrenic with Hebephrenic Tendencies!

Sometimes I wonder if the operatives of the NDC cannot disagree with any individual without seeking to insult or denigrate the character of the person. Human beings, unlike animals are born to have disagreements. It’s a sign of the advanced stage of the development of the human race. We agree on our disagreements and get on with life without any fuss. That’s why we tolerate the opposing views not because they are pleasant but because the human race does not live by the tenets of the jungle. Hence my bewilderment! It baffles my understanding to see people in responsible positions heap incessant derogatory remarks on others who they disagree with. I don’t know whether or not they lack the linguistic prowess to argue sanely or perhaps they are malformed animals living human bodies. The big question is: why is it that a majority of NDC ministers choose to behave like hooligans or lunatic mob anytime they disagree with an utterance or behaviour of their political opponents? I simply don’t get it. Today, it could be Dr Tony Aidoo. If not, then you will hear chirpings from the likes of Okudjeto Ablakwa, Fifi Kwettey, Fritz Baffour, Kobby Acheampong, Hannah Bissiw or Baba Jamal. Throw in the likes of Alottey Jacobs, Dr Kill the Cat and Richard Quashigah then you will perhaps understand what I am driving at. Call them ‘Merchants of Insults’ and you wouldn’t have done them any harm after all, after all that’s what they are good at and one wonders if they weren’t just dished out their positions for just that purpose.

Just last week, a simpleton like Elvis Afriyie referred to Nana Akuffo Addo as a “buffoon” on the latter’s “all die be die” comments and yours truly had the un-envious task of responding. In my response to Elvis Afriyie, I cautioned that any NDC operative who addresses issues with members of the NPP with a modicum of civility will be accorded equal measure of respect. Similarly, any one who insults any member of the NPP will have even more powerful radar guided verbal scud missiles directed their way. The NDC should know that no one has a Satan given right over filthy words. The nonsense must stop now! As if they have it in their physiological make up, they just can’t help themselves. So on Tuesday, 15.02.11, Dr Edward Omane Boamah the Deputy Minister for Environment, Science and Technology joined in the fray on “Metro TV”. In the course of the programme and in line with the topic for discussion, Kwabena Bomfeh (CPP National Youth Organiser) who also happened to be a co-panellist made mention in his submission that, the country “…needs more psychiatric hospitals to examine people who commit incest…..”. In typical NDC fashion and like the spoilt brat that he is, Dr Omane Boamah interjected Kwabena Bomfeh’s contribution by saying, “yes we need more psychiatric hospitals in Ghana to examine all these people, including those who say ‘all die be die’”. For some one with a PhD and a Deputy Minister as that, to go off tangent on the subject matter just to rain insults on people he disagrees with is simply idiotic and bonkers! No one needs an immediate psychiatrist assessment than himself. He can’t argue, can’t articulate his views nor convince his listeners.

Ironically, it was him who called for people’s heads to be examined! Somebody with that level of twisted logic could only be diagnosed Schizophrenic with hebephrenic tendencies! Dr Omane Boamah has full blown psychosis and I am quite prepared to offer him free consultancy. I am equally happy to prescribe him with “Aripiprazole” tablets 20mg x 1 in the morning and “Clozapine” tablets 100mg x 3 at night”. For the treatment of any side effects of the above medication, he may take “Orphenadrine” tablets 5mg x 2 a day. Omane Boamah has lost it and the earlier he seeks treatment for his mental illness, the better it will be for him, his family and Ghana as a whole. Our country needs sane minds to bring development. Ghana can’t afford to have lunatics running its affairs!!!

Kofi Kyei-Mensah-Osei